Why is someone naturally beautiful?

Natural beauty is defined as having attractive characteristics and appearing beautiful without the use of cosmetics. This indicates that your skin is glossy without any makeup, your eyes are lovely without any kajal or eye makeup, and your lips are attractive without any lipstick or lip balm.

Which K-drama doesn't have a kissing scene?

Who are you: School 2015 is the only kdrama I've seen or am aware of that doesn't contain a kiss scene. It's a really great kdrama, but you will undoubtedly cry a lot because of Second Lead Syndrome.

Are love triangles uncommon?

The use of love triangles as a plot device is prevalent in theater, literature, and film. Statistics claim that in Western civilization, "Willingly or not, most adults have been involved in a love triangle."

What is this Korean drama about altering looks about?

Top actress Han Se-Kye (Seo Hyun-Jin) is well-known. She is regarded as a rumor magnet and a renowned troublemaker. Although her life is a mystery, she actually experiences an extraordinary phenomena. Every month at a specific time, she assumes a different persona.

Does Han Se Gye become known?

ABHORRED: A few details make it so simple. The main conflict in the pilot episodes occurs when Han Se Gye is found by Seo Do Jae while she transforms in midair. However, he is still unsure of her identity due to his prosopagnosia.

Is Jisoo connected to anyone?

She's stated that she's never gone on a date or in a committed relationship. The members of the well-known South Korean girl group Blackpink have not made any mention of their prior romances in public. Some of the members allegedly had ex-boyfriends, according to speculations.

Why is it awkward when two Korean people kiss?

There may be several causes. First of all, the script may make it awkward. It may be a first kiss, a kiss between lovers who were formerly friends, or a kiss between coworkers. Another factor can be the shy persona of the actor or actress, who feels uncomfortable and it shows.

How old must you be to watch Snowdrop?

Parents should be aware that the 1987 political unrest in South Korea is depicted in the Snowdrop television series. Themes of riots, political terror, deception, and menace are intertwined with a spy thriller and a romance. Additionally, there is some kissing and revealing female behavior.

Why don't they kiss in Korean television shows?

Couples in Korea don't engage in PDA in real life because it is viewed as inappropriate because Korean society is still very traditional in many aspects. Other ways they express their love include coordinating outfits and even holding hands.

In Man in Love, who plays the male lead?

Roy Chiu and Ann Hsu star in Yin Chen-hao's 2021 Taiwanese romance drama film Man in Love (Chinese: ; Peh-e-j: Tong lâm-jîn loân-ài sî).