What you should know about facial skin care

The skin on your face is exposed to a lot of air, a lot of dust and it ages, so all we have to do is to take care of it and let it breathe fresh air, we have to make sure that it has enough water to support every cell, here are some facial skincare knowledge recommended to everyone, so that you can keep your beauty in all seasons.

Knowledge 1: Wash your face with warm water

Facial cleansing should not only pay attention to the choice of skincare products, but also pay attention to the temperature of the water. When you wash your face, you must master the water temperature, not too hot or too cold. It is best to use warm water to wash your face. Because the spring skin is more sensitive, whether hot water or cold water, will produce undesirable stimuli, increase the burden on the skin, make it overwhelmed, decreased resistance, causing skin allergies.

Knowledge 2: adhere to moisturizing

Early spring weather is also particularly dry, it is easy to students with the skin in the water, so moisturizing staff can not stop, you can choose as well as some of the pure moisturizing plant-based sprays, often to the face of the water, skin health, which also leads to the absence of a then we are prone to sensitivity. Dry skin is more important sensitive, easy to produce cause allergies.

Knowledge three: reasonable skin care

Although this season to pay attention to skin care, but do not blindly skin care. In the use of skin care products must be careful, try to avoid the use of added hormones and chemical elements, so as not to cause irritation to the skin, which may lead to skin allergy symptoms, as little as possible to use cosmetics to avoid skin irritation.

Knowledge four: pay attention to sunscreen

Many mm only do sunscreen work in the summer,Mioggi Facial in fact, spring is also needed. Although the sun is not as poisonous as the summer, but the ultraviolet rays are still relatively strong. Sunscreen can not be taken lightly. Don't forget to apply sunscreen when you go out, and choose some sunscreen products with smaller sun protection coefficients and lower irritation to avoid the damage to your skin caused by sun exposure.

The quality of the skin has a great impact on the effect of makeup, so skin care is an important part of makeup. Different parts of the human body have different skin structures and functions, and different skin thicknesses. Due to people's bad habits and bad environmental pollution, skin will always have a variety of problems, so it is important to maintain good skin.