One white covers all ugliness. All along, we have very high requirements for our skin. Especially now that more and more people are pursuing "white skin", various whitening products have also appeared. However, we should not blindly use whitening products, we should first know the reason of our dark skin, and then take the right medicine.

How to improve the dark skin | easy to find the right reason to turn white

Causes of dark skin

1. Do not pay attention to sun protection.

Not applying sunscreen is the direct cause of skin darkening, accounting for 90%. In the sun for a long time, the skin will activate tyrosinase, so that melanocytes produce melanin in large quantities, and at the same time produce free radicals to increase melanin.

2. Trace elements and heavy metals exceed the standard.

The skin care products or cosmetics used contain elements such as lead and mercury.

3. Accumulation of old skin keratin.

The accumulation of old keratin will make the skin look dull and yellow.

4. Moisturizing and moisturizing are not done properly.

If the moisturizing is not done properly, the skin will be dry, peeling, peeling, long fine lines, and the skin will become dull.

How to make skin white


1. Cleaning

For oily and dry skin, you can use exfoliating products to remove old and dead skin, and the skin will naturally turn white.

2. Smear isolation

For long-term computer use. Mobile phone users should use isolation to reduce the radiation of the computer and mobile phone to the skin.

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin C, which can improve skin quality. For example, you can eat an apple and carrot every day.

4. Apply sunscreen and take sun protection measures.

Sun protection is the main reason for skin darkening, so we must take good sun protection measures in our lives to reduce the increase of melanocytes, skin dryness and aging.

The choice of sunscreen:


When choosing sunscreen, we must consider the UV intensity, personal skin quality, outdoor time, and the amount of sunscreen.

Sunscreen selected for different occasions:

SPF15-30PA++ can be selected on cloudy days and going to school

SPF50PA++++ can be selected for sun or outdoor activities

SPF50PA++++ for military training or seaside

When we apply sunscreen, we need to apply a coin size of 1 yuan for sunscreen to play the role of sunscreen.

5. Use whitening skin care products

Skincare products containing nicotinamide can inhibit the production of melanocytes. For example, we can use Huayinyun cleansing face. This cleansing face contains nicotinamide to make our skin white.