Since the start of the blocking measures, have you been using 3C products for longer? Working at home leads to longer working hours, and the time spent watching computers also increases. Not only that, but after work, they continue to slide their phones, watch TV and computers to pass the time, so that the eyes almost rest only when sleeping.

In addition, people nowadays are under great pressure and often have fine lines, dark circles, puffiness and other problems around their eyes, which not only affects their health, but also their aesthetic appearance.

To make the skin around the eyes look zero fine lines, and the eyes look more refreshing, you only need 5 strokes of massage, even Song Huiqiao is doing it!

# 1 Eye cream + massage

If you want zero fine lines around your eyes, you can do it with 5 strokes

First, use eye cream to apply evenly on the skin around the eyes to avoid the appearance of fine lines. Then, use a circle to gently massage, because the orbicularis orbicularis muscle around the eye is circular and shows an annual ring, so the massage along the eye is the best.

# 2 Press acupuncture points

Use your fingers to press acupuncture points around the eyes, such as: Zanzhu, Jingming, Yuyao, Sizhu, Chengqi, Tongzijiao, etc., soothing the skin around the eyes, eliminating edema, and improving dark circles.

# 3 figure eight massage


Using the middle finger from the position of the temple, extend the circle with a figure eight massage method. This soothes the skin around the eyes and helps to activate and circulate.

# 4 Eye circle


Use one hand to open the outer corner of the eye, and the other finger at the end of the eye to circle from the inside to the outside. Remember to do the other eye.

# 5 Hands covering eyes


Rub your hands warmly and apply it gently around the eyes to help the eyes circulate and relax.