The apparently simple-looking bamboo is not simple and can be used as creative items.

The bamboo forest has a long history of relationship with human beings that has lasted for thousands of years. As the times have changed, the uses of bamboo hav...


Are biodegradable plastics feasible?

The emergence of biodegradable plastics is seen as a powerful tool to combat plastic pollution, especially the environmental pollution of plastic food contact m...

12 Sep

Hong Kong Business Visa and Hong Kong Work Visa, can you tell them apart?

Hong Kong has a good business environment, high salary and low tax rate. Working in Hong Kong is the dream of many mainland friends. If you want to work in Hong...

17 May

In Korea, what is the recommended weight?

Women must weigh less than 50 kg, according to Korean law. Nowadays, individuals utilize the formula height in cm - 115 = good weight to help them determine the...

20 May

If you want zero fine lines around your eyes, you can do it with 5 strokes

Since the start of the blocking measures, have you been using 3C products for longer? Working at home leads to longer working hours, and the time spent watching...