Mark the popular monochromatic eyeshadows of [petite dépacos]! We have a big feature on how to paint and storage techniques.

Monochromatic eyeshadows make it easy to enjoy various kinds of makeup. There are so many different kinds, it's hard to know which one to choose! I'll give you a thorough explanation so you can choose the perfect item for you! It also includes explanations of types and textures, colors that look good for you, and recommended items for each petite/deep-packaged item. Introducing. Be sure to enjoy monochromatic eye shadows that can be transformed into natural or gorgeous nuanced makeup. Get.

I'm drawn to the monochromatic eyeshadow here! Three reasons why everyone is addicted to it.

You don't get discarded colors, which is common with palette eyeshadows, and you don't get discarded colors that you like The key is that you can enjoy Both petite and decoupage colors are relatively reasonable, so it's easy to get a trendy color or a color you're trying for the first time You can take in.

How to choose: Which type and texture to choose?

'There are so many different kinds, I don't know which one to choose! We'll explain the types and textures of monochromatic eye shadows in this article. You can use the same color and texture to create a completely different look. Even with the same color, the look of the eyes will be completely different depending on the type and texture. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

There are four types of textures!

[How to apply it] You can have as much fun as you want by changing where you apply it!

Monochromatic eyeshadows are cute when used in a single color, but when used in layers, they create a three-dimensional look to the eyes. It has a big emphasis on effect. You can achieve various effects by layering lame or darker colors on top of each other to make your eye makeup look even wider. Spread out! Here's where to apply eyeshadow, how it works, and the colors and textures of eyeshadow that synergize when used...

Don't you also want to know how to apply different eye shapes?

Petite Plastic】Introducing recommended items by texture

The "matte" type

The subtle glitter and brown color make it easy to try out for your first matte!

A wide variety of monochromatic eye shadows are available in a variety of textures. They have great powder content and color. This color is matte with a hint of glitter, so it is not too heavy, but rather elegantly colored.

The cream type color fits lightly around the eyes!

A soft creamy touch adheres perfectly to the eye area. One coat of this product creates a strong color and a natural, three-dimensional look around the eyes. The recently popular terracotta color makes it easy to complete a seasonal makeup look.

Lame" type

Delicate, soft, fragile and sparkling particles

The oil-infused, moisturizing powder adheres perfectly to the eyelids. It doesn't feel sticky and leaves your skin smooth and silky. Relatively subdued in color, it's recommended for those who want to enjoy lamé without smearing.

Liquid eyeshadow with a shake of water and glitter

An oil-free eyeshadow that uses a shake of water and a grain of light. Great for adding an elegant shimmer to your eyelids. The water-based formula adheres perfectly to the eyelids without being sticky.

Satin' type

Liquid and pearls for maximum shine

Also known as eye gloss, this liquid eyeshadow can create a beautiful shine. The delicate pigments contained in the liquid adhere to the eye area as you see it. Achieve a shine and shine with pearls to reflect the light.

Here are the colors that suit you!

The color that looks good on a person is determined based on the person's mood and the color of their skin, eyes and hair, and is called "personal color". color," with a yellow base (Yebe Spring and Yebe Autumn) and a blue base (Yebe Spring and Yebe Autumn). Base (Brube Summer and Brube Winter). As soon as you wear a color that looks good on you, your makeup will be solidified, so take this opportunity to incorporate it! ♪

Yebe Spring.

Warm pastels are a good match for people with a bright and soft impression of spring. Using warm pastels for all of your make-up will give you a blurred look, so use lame and shiny light to make your look more sophisticated. .

Yebe Autumn/Autumn

Smoky colors are perfect for people with a chic autumn look. The deep hue will make you look more mature and trendy. Play around with matte and lame textures to create a more sophisticated face.

Bourbet Summer/Summer

Cold pastel colors are perfect for a gentle, transparent brunette summer. The dull color brings out a mature femininity. The satin texture adds a glossy, subtle touch.

Bourbet Winter

A deep, dark color is perfect for a winter person with white, translucent skin. Vivid color contrast and glitter texture add glamour to your makeup. It's a great way to get a stylish look, and I'd recommend it for those days when you want to look extra fancy!