Hyun belly has no limit! How to develop a devil figure

Many girls worked at home during the epidemic prevention period and accidentally brought up their belly to become a "little belly woman". Take a look at the sweet and spicy sports goddesses of these recent endorsement sports and underwear brands. All of them are hot and fit, and the vest line is coming out. Does it make you want to follow along? If you want to know how to build the devil figure of Hyuna, Xuexuan, Xiuying and Naen, here are some fitness tips from Korean goddesses!

Xuan Ya

Endorsement brand: Calvin Klein


"Sexy Little Mustang" Xunya has recently become Calvin Klein's global underwear ambassador. A series of publicity photos show the devil's curve, especially the super-abstract Sichuan abdominal muscles.

Xuan Ya usually manages her body actively through exercise and diet. In addition to long-term dance practice of about 10 hours a day, she goes to the fitness center for four to five days a week for two hours of muscle training each time. She also likes to play badminton.

In terms of diet, Xuanya implements a small amount of multiple meals, eating 5 to 6 times a day to avoid calorie accumulation. In addition to not taking the elevator to form the habit of walking up the stairs, the goddess will never sit and rest after eating, but will stay standing, or walk or do housework, to avoid fat accumulation in the abdomen.

AOA Xuexuan

Endorsement brand: Nike


Known as the "strongest CF queen", Xue Xuan's vest line and abdominal muscles burst, and her perfect body is amazing. Even she admits that "my abdominal muscles look handsome on my own." The goddess self-detonation is a super foodie, but will pay attention to the amount of intake, and will also choose to eat a small number of meals, so that the body can fully digest calories, and it is not easy to overeating without starving. In addition, drinking more water can improve the body's metabolism. She will also make lemon juice and comprehensive vegetable juices to help detoxify the body.

Xue Xuan basically does not exercise for a day, and her exercise method is: first warm up for 10 minutes, do some stretching exercises, then do Pilates for an hour, and finally stretch and massage the whole body with a sports roller 15 minute.

Girls' Generation

Endorsement brand: Fila


The girl's generation member Xiuying's career focus has shifted to drama in recent years, and she recently fought against Zhang He in the Korean drama "True Statement". The long-legged sister with a very good body ratio said earlier on the show that she has not practiced dancing since the development of solo in the girlhood. Despite this, the bodybuilding curve shown in her endorsement image still makes netizens worship.

Xiuying has always admired natural beauty and usually has no special maintenance tips. She revealed: "Using yoga and Pilates to manage and exercise diligently at the same time is the secret to managing the figure."


Endorsement brand: Adidas


With a 19-inch ant waist and long legs against the sky, who did Na En want to kill?

Naen once revealed on the show that he usually eats tomatoes as snacks when he is hungry, and he will drink more vegetable juices to promote detoxification.

To maintain a good figure, exercise habits are absolutely indispensable. Na En usually has the habit of going to the gym and also likes to do aerial yoga to maintain her figure. When she doesn't have time to go to the gym, she will do simple squat exercises in the room that can help the lines of the hips and legs, doing 20 sets each time, and doing 5 groups a day.

(Pic: Internet)