A good eye makeup can not only make the eyes have a magnifying effect, but also give people a radiant, touching and intimate feeling. For some girls who are new to makeup or who do not know how to apply eye makeup, in fact, they only need to understand the following 3 basic principles of eye makeup teaching to ensure that they will not miss eye makeup in the future.

Image source: YouTube @PONY Syndrome

No matter whether your eye makeup is European style, Japanese style or Korean style, in fact, all eye makeup teaching is inseparable from the three basic principles of "priming, blending, and brightening".

1. Base

Many powerful eye makeup teaching will start from the base, so that you can set the tone for the entire eye makeup, so that the subsequent coloring will not be abrupt and unnatural. When choosing the base color of the eye makeup, it is recommended that you choose the earth color, which is close to the skin tone of Asians, and then apply a thin layer of thin base on the eyelids so that you will not feel "heavy makeup". The eye socket position is fine.



2. Blooming

After applying the base color of the eye makeup, you can gradually blend the eye makeup according to your favorite eye makeup teaching. Don't be impatient during the blending process. This will make the color of the eye shadow solid and thicker. You should gradually blend the eye shadow. When it is higher than the eyelid crease, the color is blended every time to make the color and color join more natural and clean.



3. Brighten

When the entire eye makeup is almost done, you can brighten up the eye makeup with bright colors or glitter eyeshadow in the middle of the upper and lower eyes. This will make the overall eye makeup brighter, three-dimensional, enlarged, and the look will become more moving. There is a place to be careful, according to the different eye makeup teaching, you can further use the silkworm to make the eye makeup more three-dimensional.


In addition to being familiar with the 3 basic principles of this eye makeup teaching , you can spend more time on the eyelashes and eyes, and perfect eye makeup in one step.