1. Take enough vitamin E:Vitamin E can stop lipofuscin production and scavenge free radicals, prolong life span, and has strong anti-aging properties. In daily life, there are many foods rich in vitamin E, including almost all green leafy vegetables, oils such as wheat germ oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil, peanut oil, sesame oil and so on. Milk, eggs, cod liver oil, etc. also have a certain amount of vitamin E. However, vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin, so it is not easy to consume too much.


2. Proper exercise:The formation of brown spots has a great relationship with the decline of body functions, so exercise is also beneficial to prevent the formation of brown spots. However, it should be noted that according to your health status, environment, season and mood, you should choose aerobic exercises with relatively low intensity, such as tai chi, walking, jogging, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening your body and not to damage your joints, but not to rush and exercise with weight.


3. Do a good job of sun protection:Sunlight is also the main factor for the formation of brown spots, so good sun protection is also an important means to prevent the formation of brown spots. Avoid going out when the sun is too strong as much as possible, and if you need to go out, you should choose suitable sun protection methods, such as wearing a hat, playing a sunshade and applying sunscreen. When applying sunscreen, you need to choose a sunscreen with appropriate SPF (Sun Protection Factor) according to the external environment and your own skin condition.

4. Dry wash your face every day:Most of the brown spots appear on the face and have a great impact on the appearance. Dry washing can effectively improve capillary activity, help maintain skin elasticity, accelerate blood circulation, slow down facial skin aging, and prevent the formation of brown spots. The method is as follows: push the palms of both hands up and down to rub the facial skin 20~30 times; use the middle three fingers to push the forehead left and right 20~30 times, then pat the whole facial skin for 1~3 minutes, then wash the face with water. Rinse your face with water afterwards. Once a day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the evening.