Acne and acne come again? 5 habits to change

The embarrassment of acne is that it is not a patent for young people. As long as the hormones in the body are disrupted, no matter how old the person is, it can't get rid of its entanglement. 5 bad habits will make acne feel like leaving the original grass, spring breeze blowing again!

stay up late

If you do n’t get enough sleep, steroids will be produced in the body, which will turn into male hormones, which will cause acne. It's best to strive to fall asleep before 11pm every day. If you can't do it, at least 7 hours of sleep a day.


Eat sugar

Sugar can be said to be a nutrient for acne. Sugar will increase the chance of redness and inflammation of acne, turning small acne into a swollen acne. Hand shakes such as pearl milk tea are a kind of stimulant. It contains milk and sugar at the same time. If you want to get rid of acne completely, you must quit it first.

Drink milk

There are hormones in the milk, which will affect the function of the sebaceous glands and make the skin more prone to acne. In addition to milk, other dairy products into cheese, cakes are the same. If you are concerned about insufficient nutrition, you can use soy milk instead of milk.


Did not change pillowcase sheets

One third of a person's time is spent on sleep every day. Our skin, pillowcases, and cover sheets are blindingly long. The most ideal way is to change the bed sheets and pillowcases every week, not more than 3 days to ensure cleanliness. Once the skin is contaminated with sebum, acne can take advantage of it!

Use too many skin care products

The maintenance guidelines for acne muscles are cleaning, moisturizing, and sun protection, but many people fail to do too "completely" and overkill. In fact, skin care should be simplified. The choice of skin care products is mainly based on fresh texture. Avoid excessive nourishment, just clean it properly. In addition, do not touch the face with your hands after applying skin care products to avoid excessive skin irritation.