As a convenient payment tool, credit cards are our best friends when making purchases. However, due to different personal consumption purposes, the card usage behavior of many cardholders is not standardized in the eyes of banks.

Although some card usage methods are considered by many users to be routine operations, major banks have not upgraded their financial technology in the past two years, which has also brought the banks' own risk control systems to a new level.min pay Many friends have received text message reminders from their banks because of irregular card use.

Some bank staff said that they received such text message reminders because the backend big data center detected that the cardholder may have irregular card usage behavior, such as frequently using one or two POS machines for large purchases.ofw quick cash loan online Therefore, the bank The credit limit will be adjusted or even restricted based on the credit evaluation and corresponding policies.

So, in daily consumption, which of our credit card swiping behaviors need to be regulated?

In this regard, a bank staff member said that under normal circumstances,debt consolidation these behaviors are most likely to be suspected by banks as credit card arbitrage. The summary is as follows:

Frequent large-amount credit card swiping. Normal credit card purchases usually involve small amounts and multiple times, while credit card cash-outs tend to involve large amounts and few times, and the card swiping time is usually within a few days after the statement date.

Frequently swipe your card at one or two merchant POS machines. POS machines all have IP addresses. If you frequently swipe your card at a fixed merchant's POS machine, the bank will suspect you of cashing out.

Swipe cards at multiple POS machines in a short period of time. "The bank's suspicion that the cardholder is suspected of cashing out is based on the amount, location and time of swiping the card." A person from China Merchants Bank said that if you swipe your card multiple times at different POSs in a short period of time, the bank will naturally suspect you of cashing out.

I often max out my credit card at once. Normal credit card consumption should involve more card swiping times and richer card swiping scenarios. If you max out your credit card at one time, it is difficult not to make the bank suspicious.

When cashing out with credit cards, you must not take any chances. Big data and credit systems are gradually improving, so you must develop the habit of standardizing your card use. Personal credit card management will become increasingly strict in the future.