New drivers look over, insurance these kinds of will be enough, or waste money.

Every consumer has the same idea after buying a car, that is, rush to buy insurance for the car. Only in this way, we can maximize the protection of our property security from infringement. But when it comes to buying insurance, many novice drivers encounter a difficult problem, that is, there are many car insurance policies to choose from, each with different compensation coverage. Which is the most cost-effective?

At present, auto insurance is mainly divided into compulsory insurance and commercial insurance. Commercial insurance includes three kinds of liability insurance, auto damage insurance, seat insurance, theft insurance, scratch insurance, glass insurance, water insurance, and natural insurance, regardless of indemnity-free insurance, each with different indemnity standards. Each person needs to choose the right insurance for his or her situation when purchasing insurance.

Below, we will analyze which insurance is suitable for novice 索償 drivers and which insurance is not suitable for novice drivers.

Traffic insurance

As we all know, traffic insurance is a must for every car owner. If a car does not have traffic insurance, it cannot be legally licensed and cannot be legally on the road. In fact, the traffic insurance is simple to understand, and generally speaking, it is only to compensate others, not yourself.

In a traffic accident, once a person is involved in a casualty, only 110,000 yuan will be compensated according to the compulsory traffic insurance, and the excess will not be compensated. As for the casualties caused by traffic accidents, the medical expenses involved will only be compensated for 10,000 yuan, and the excess will not be compensated. The last one is the property damage caused by the traffic accident, the compulsory insurance only compensates 2,000 yuan, and the excess part is not compensated.

In addition, the cost of compulsory insurance is completely inconsistent from one model to another. For a new car with less than 6 seats, the annual cost of compulsory insurance is 950 RMB, and for a new car with more than 6 seats, the annual cost of compulsory insurance is 1100 RMB. It is important to note that if there is no traffic accident in the first year of purchasing compulsory insurance, the amount of payment in the second year is likely to drop. If a traffic accident occurs, the maximum amount of payment will rise by 30%.

Liability insurance.

Third party liability insurance is also well understood, still only pay for others, not yourself. And it is declared that this is an unlimited number of times, such as what disability compensation, property damage or medical expenses can be compensated.

In a traffic accident, third party liability insurance will come into play if it is determined to be our responsibility by the traffic police. In fact, third-party insurance is an essential coverage, just like many novice drivers who drive on the road and hit a million dollar luxury car by mishandling. Once the luxury car is damaged, the repair cost will be frighteningly high, and at this point it is still our full responsibility, then we will have to bear tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in claims. If we purchase third party liability insurance, we can maximize the safety of our property.

Car Damage Insurance

Generally speaking, car damage insurance means that it only pays for your car in a traffic accident, and not for the rest. Once a traffic accident occurs, our car will definitely suffer some damage and it will cost a lot of money to repair it. At this time, if we buy car damage insurance, we can let the insurance company pay for our car repair.

In fact, car damage insurance is an indispensable insurance for drivers. Even though many people think they have good driving skills, they still end up in a traffic accident and do not need to pay for the repair of their cars out of their own pockets.

Summing up

In addition to the mandatory insurance, car damage insurance and the three major liability insurance policies, you may also want to consider whether to purchase deductible insurance. Depending on the car situation, deductible insurance is also optional.

In addition to the four types of insurance mentioned above, such as water insurance, glass insurance, spontaneous combustion insurance, theft insurance, etc., even if you buy it is a waste of money. For example, theft insurance, there used to be a lot of car thieves, but now no one steals cars. Now every area of the monitoring facilities are so developed, let alone theft of cars. Even if you steal the wallet, the police can catch you within a few hours.

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