A friend asked me yesterday, so many varieties of insurance, which one should I buy?

To determine which insurance is suitable for their own purchase, the first thing to distinguish the categories of insurance, large insurance companies will say a question, each person to have seven policies,索償 in my personal understanding based on my view that under normal circumstances insurance is divided into the following categories: medical insurance, accident insurance, critical illness insurance, dividend insurance, then our most commonly used insurance is the above four categories, and we commonly use the insurance is also not the need for dividend insurance.

According to the above classification, then we come back to the order of buying insurance. In life, there are always two kinds of danger, one is accident and one is disease. You said that the insurance we have to deal with these two risks, accident and illness, are actually the only two.

Therefore, to understand it simply, the insurance we need should be medical insurance and critical illness insurance, plus accident insurance, so that we can ensure our personal protection. As for the dividend insurance, its classification actually includes education, pension and dividend insurance as well.

In short, the first insurance we configure should be the protection class: in order of medical insurance, critical illness insurance, accident insurance, if the individual has spare money, you can consider the appropriate dividend type of insurance!

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