The market style is always switching, and the industry is always in constant rotation. If you miss the new energy and semiconductor quotes in front of you, it does not matter, because, next, the military industry may have a big show, why?

At present, the military industry has four main investment logic.


The first logic, the military industry sector in the performance of the bright, as of now, there are 32 shares have been released half-yearly performance forecast, or officially released the half-yearly report, of which, the performance of 24 growth, visible, this year, the high boom of the military industry sector.

The second logic, the first flight of China Airlines, associated transaction deposits, a big increase of 356%, the avionics power to carry out 11.7 billion large financial management, a number of military companies announced the progress of financing, which means that the 14th Five-Year order is landing, the next performance is expected to continue high growth.


The third logic, both Shenzhou twelve spacecraft after the launch, China Aerospace Science and Technology Group announced that the suborbital reusable demonstration verification project carrier developed by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, a hospital in Jiuquan took off, the domestic suborbital reusable carrier maiden flight was successful, the 100-flight mission was a complete success, the success of this maiden flight marks that China already has the world's top cutting-edge space technology and capabilities.

Fourth logic, from the perspective of historical experience, every year there are at least two waves of military industry market, mainly concentrated in the beginning and middle of the year, and the average rise of each round is about more than 30%, and the current market is far from finished.

In summary, it can be said that the current market owes a main rising wave to the military industry, so, which individual stock or fund are you optimistic about?