Before deciding to start a business, there are a few points to pay attention to, including the need to make adequate psychological preparations, and understand that the initial income of a business may be much lower than that of a part-time job, or even no income or a loss. In addition, a certain amount of savings must be set aside. Once the entrepreneurial performance is not satisfactory, and if he fails to return to the workplace immediately, it can be used for emergency purposes. When you are ready to be a boss, you can start a company and slowly implement your ambitions.


After members of the company have a clear understanding of their legal responsibilities, they can choose the category that best suits their company.

Co., Ltd .: The liability of shareholders is limited to the outstanding amount of their shares.

Guaranty Co., Ltd .: The company has no share capital, and the liabilities of company members are limited to the amount that each member promises to pay as company assets at the time of liquidation of the company through their articles of association. Non-profit making organizations are usually registered as guarantee companies.


There are three major considerations when drafting a company name:

Clearly know that Hong Kong registered company name guidelines prescribed

Log in to the online search center of the company registry to check the name of the existing company, so as not to be rejected due to repeated use

Check the register of trademarks kept by the Intellectual Property Department to avoid infringement of the intellectual property rights


Delivery of the following documents and the correct fee in electronic form through the "e- Registry " or "CR e-Form Payment" mobile application, or to the cash register on the 14th floor of the Queensway Government Offices in the company registry

Incorporation Form ( Form NNC1 for companies limited by shares or Form NNC1G for companies other than companies limited by shares )

Articles of Association

Notice to the Business Registration Office ( IRBR1 )


Application fee of RMB 1,720 and business registration fee and levy


Taking the form NNC1 as an example, applicants should prepare general company information, share capital when the company is formed, company secretary candidates and director candidates. If the applicant chooses to submit the form in person, the information on the form must be entered on the computer and printed together with the form. The company registry will not accept an application form with handwritten information.


The articles of association are mainly related to the total number of shares, total capital, etc., and have a simplified format, which is more suitable for small enterprises managed by the company owner. You can refer to sample A when filling in the form , which is not too complicated.


This one-page form is very concise, applicants only need to choose to pay a one-year or three-year business registration certificate. The prices of the two types of business registration certificates are also different.


Companies currently registered with share capital are required to pay an application fee of RMB 1,720. If the application is not approved, they can apply for a refund of RMB 1,425. For details, please refer to the main service charge table of the Companies Registry .


After successful company registration, the "prospective boss" can download or collect the "company registration certificate" and "business registration certificate". The certificate will be issued in electronic form or hard copy, depending on the form of delivery application, the electronic certificate has the same legal effect as the hard copy certificate.

Electronic application delivery

Private companies limited by shares will generally receive an electronic certificate within 1 hour, and an email notification about downloading the certificate will be sent to the information box and registered email address of the registered user who delivered the application.

Submit the application in hard copy

The hard copy certificate of a company limited by shares will generally be issued within 4 working days. When the certificate is available for collection, the Office will notify the file submitter by fax. The author must present the notice of "collection certificate" and the identity document / company seal contained on the notice when he comes to collect the certificate in person. If the author authorizes someone else to pick it up, the picker must show the authorisation signed by the author and the identity certificate indicated on the authorisation.


Visit the website of the Trade and Industry Department for information on licenses, permits, certificates and approvals required for doing business in Hong Kong.

The income in the early stage of entrepreneurship may fall sharply compared to when working as a wage earner, and it may not necessarily succeed in the end. The most important thing for all "prospective bosses" is to have sufficient psychological preparation and plan to cope with difficulties. As the so-called "difficult to start a business, it is more difficult to maintain a career", you must continue to work hard to accumulate experience after you are promoted to elders!


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