Although the new pneumonia epidemic situation seems to have a tendency to stabilize, but the epidemic prevention must not be relaxed. If you want to stay at home, you can have Happy Hour, absolutely no problem. Under the epidemic situation, a number of bars did not want to sit still and naturally the bridge of positive enthusiasm tried every possible way to keep the hearts of all drinkers. During the ice age of the bar industry, many bottled cocktail delivery services have emerged on the market. Here are three recommended Bottled Cocktails.


Although Tell Camellia opened soon, it is very popular with wine drinkers. The way of making tea into wine is very popular with wine drinkers. It has already attracted a lot of regular guests. Unfortunately, no matter how long the lovers are, they can hardly withstand the impact of the pneumonia epidemic. Therefore, Tell Camellia decided to launch the Teatail in a bottle to present tea-flavored cocktails in a take-out mode. Each bottle of 200ml contains approximately two cups. Choose from Darjeeling Negroni, Matcha Martini, Matcha Vodka, T-Tonic Mango, etc., and the temporary price is 250 yuan per bottle.

Drinkers who want to support Tell Camellia can order through their official Facebook, Instagram or email, and the bar will deliver takeaway cocktails. Deliveroo also provides takeaway service, but the quantity is limited, and it will be quick to buy.


The COA, which specializes in Mexican spirits, has captured many wine lovers like Tequila and Mezcal. Earlier, I collaborated with the Young Master Brewery of Hong Kong Craft Beer to package the bar's signature drink La Paloma de Oaxaca into an all-black canned cocktail, which was mixed with Alipus Mezcal, Arquitecto Tequila and homemade grapefruit, 330ml per can. In addition to selling style, the taste also maintains the standard, which has caused many wine drinkers to snap up.

However, COA founder Jay Khan did not stop there, but took the opportunity to create a new series of Trio Negroni, including COA's own Caffeinated Negroni, Tell Camellia's Darjeeling Negroni, and The Wise King's Washed Negroni. Under the bottle, there is a manga style of the bartenders. In short, it is a word-"type".


I believe that wine lovers who like Pu Yin Shi Bar must have been to 001 Bar in Central. This is an underground bar hidden in two rows of old-style stalls. It is decorated with a traditional English pub. The interior lighting is dim and the atmosphere is first-class. If you like to drink in this atmosphere of searching for secrecy and exploration, it must be another enjoyment.

001 Bar also has takeaway bottled cocktails, a 400ml bottle, including 001's signature cocktail Geisha, Earl Grey Negroni, Boulevardier and other options. Free shipping is available for purchases over 800 yuan.