The female match in "A Pair Born" is also beautiful! Fashion is more fashionable after the show

The Thai drama "A Pair Born to Life" not only has actors acting online, but whether it is the male and female protagonists Pope and Bella , or other supporting actors , the face value is also very high! This time, let's take a look at the modern fashion charm of the supporting actresses in the play.

"Jasmine": Susira Angelina Naenna


"Jasmine", who is kind and kind in "Sky", has a miserable fate in the play, which makes the audience feel distressed. In fact, this character is real! This "Queen of Desserts" who was born in Ayutthaya's life is like an upgraded version of the Cinderella story, from the countess to a slave, and from the slave to the royal chef all the way.

"Jasmine" is a retro and idyllic Western dress in the play, with Susira Angelina Naenna's delicate and three-dimensional facial features, which is really amazing.


In real life, Susira Angelina Naenna is an actor and model. She has a mix of Chinese, English, Thai and Thai. Her mother is British and her father is Chinese and Thai. She not only has a pretty face, but also has a good figure, and she also has a vest line! Therefore, Susira Angelina Naenna often chooses some clothing that can highlight the waistline, or even the waistline, and exposes her charming vest line to show her body advantage.

"Jinhua": Prang Kannarun


Gentle and gentle, outstanding temperament, the daughter of the general "Zhenhua", the historical prototype is the daughter of General Gosshal, a cutting-edge aristocratic woman in the dynasty of Ayutthaya, Thailand.


In the play, she dressed up as a relative, exuding the gentle temperament of the nobleman. At the age of 29, she mostly wears casual and casual styles in real life. T-shirts and jeans are the most basic equipment, which is very friendly and grounded. Of course, Prang Kannarun's wear is not static. When she wants to change her style, she occasionally chooses a complete suit, which is simple and Sense.

"Carla": Suzana Renaud


Suzana Renaud, who plays the maid of "Jasmine", is also a mixed-race beauty and has the bloodlines of the three countries of the United States, France and Thailand. With her big eyebrows and big eyes, does she think she looks very petite every time she stands next to "Jasmine"? In fact, Suzana Renaud is very passionate about sports. When he was a student, he used to be a track and field team player. He also likes boxing and aerobics.


She is very confident in her figure, her shoulder lines and arm lines are very beautiful, so she often chooses sleeveless tops, cool, light and swag. She can even wear a bikini directly and go out with a jacket, full of confidence!