G-DRAGON puts a lot of emphasis on the small Daisy personal brand and then launches new products

As soon as Han Xing G-DRAGON (Quan Zhilong, GD for short) retired last year, he launched a co-branded Air Force 1 Para-noise shoe with his personal brand PEACEMINUSONE and Nike , which immediately set off a whirlwind in the trend world. The shoes are mainly black, with the graffiti elements that GD loves. They are also embellished with the daisy embroidery that is the classic symbol of PEACEMINUSONE. The pair of shoes are cool and cute with cute elements, suitable for both men and women.


It seems that GD Oba loves little daisies. This year his personal brand PEACEMINUSONE has launched a series of small daisy accessories with both shape and practicality. The fresh and pure little daisies appear on these particularly personalized and handsome items. Is it particularly visually impactful?


The latest spring and summer series includes necklace accessories, black lambskin phone pockets, different size pin combinations and small daisy bracelets. Among them, in addition to the brand logo printed on the lambskin mobile phone bag, a small daisy is printed in the center of the handbag. The most anticipated thing is the small daisy bracelet, which is composed of silver daisies. The design of the bracelet is still PEACEMINUSONE brand logo, which is quite exquisite.