recommended top ten hair dryer popularity list,the actual test and evaluation

Hair dryer is a small household appliance that we use almost every day, and it is also a good choice for many people to give to their mothers as birthday gifts or Mother's Day gifts. In addition to the basic blow-drying function, can also blow the ideal shape. In recent years, such as PHILIPS, SHARP, TESCOM, dyson to the popular Panasonic international brand nano series, the major manufacturers have entered the market of functional hair dryers, in air volume, temperature, overseas voltage support, negative ions, silence, etc. have provided superior performance.

For quick drying performance, use the air volume of "1.9m³/min" as a benchmark.


For people with long hair and a lot of hair, it takes a lot of time and effort to dry the whole head, not to mention the hot and humid summer climate in Taiwan. Therefore, "how fast can I blow dry" is one of the main points when choosing a hair dryer.

The quick dry function not only saves time and effort, but also reduces the damage to hair caused by hot air. It is recommended that friends who seek to dry as soon as possible, you may want to check the box description or official website, product page and other information before buying. Basically, the air volume of 1.6m³ / min is very sufficient, but if you pay more attention to efficiency, it is recommended to 1.9m³ / min or more products.

Blowing effect is also a major learning curve

In recent years, the market in the hair maintenance of more sophisticated products continue to emerge. Friends who attach importance to the blow-drying effect and hair quality after blowing, please refer to the following three key points.

Negative ions" and other functions: to suppress static electricity, so that the hair neat and tidy


Negative ion hair dryers are quite common in the market, and in the past, many people often regard negative ions as a kind of moisture preservation function, but in fact, it is not. The biggest role of negative ions is to prevent static electricity caused by the separation and frizz, friends who have trouble in this area can refer to see. Some of the original imported products have the word "Mainas Ion" on their packaging, which means negative ions, so if you are interested, you can pay more attention to it.

In addition, such as Panasonic's "Nanoe™" and SHARP's "Plasmacluster" are exclusive technologies that can help smooth hair, and they are also highly recommended.

Automatic temperature control" function: to minimize damage to the hair


Most of the products on the market are very high air temperature, some even fall above 100 ℃ is not surprising. In such a high temperature under the direct attack, the hair is inevitably damaged.

If you want to avoid high temperature damage to the hair, it is recommended to choose a product with automatic temperature control function. For example, ReFa, SHARP Sharp and other brands of hair dryers in this regard, such as sensing the temperature of the scalp and hair, automatically adjusting the appropriate wind heat and other thoughtful features, are very good choice. In addition, emphasize the ability to dry quickly at a temperature that does not harm the scalp, or additional temperature control functions such as high, medium, low and more than three stages, which can be freely adjusted according to demand, are also worth considering.

Exclusive brand technologies such as "ceramic" and "collagen": enhance moisture and smoothen hair


For those who suffer from dehydrated and dry hair, you may want to pay attention to products with enhanced moisturizing function. Recently, many manufacturers have been putting a lot of effort into this area, such as adding honeycomb ceramic pieces to the air vents or collagen cartridges, etc. All kinds of new and exclusive technologies are very attractive. If you are concerned about the care of the hair, do not miss it!

How to judge the feel of the product


After all, it is almost daily use of household appliances, the feel of the operation must of course also be carefully considered. Hurry up to memorize the following points to choose a good and smooth hair dryer for yourself!

1, weight: at least 600g should be controlled below, 400g below is less likely to cause hand fatigue.

2, volume: care about the noise can choose a quiet model of 90dB or less.

3, button design: to avoid pressing the wrong or accidental touch, the simpler the button the better.

4, shape: easy to change the angle, light and short mouthpiece, from front to back are better blowing whole.

Japan must buy test] recommended top ten hair dryer popularity list


Minimalist wind design! With the "plus/minus zero hair dryer" to make hair obedient not frizzy!

A lightweight and large air volume hair dryer, not only can quickly dry hair, want to carry out is also very convenient, if coupled with the variable pressure function, until after the epidemic can accompany you around the world.

The simple and compact appearance of the "positive and negative zero hair dryer" has a three-stage adjustable air temperature and speed, with a full load of negative ions, in the rapid drying of hair while still being able to smooth without tangles; in addition, the unique placement design, even on the table can also be blowing, whether you want to wipe hair care or finishing styling, can be done while blowing, hair and blow drying together.

With a convenient automatic voltage switching function, even if you take it abroad, you can easily adapt to the voltage of various countries; and the ultra-lightweight body, coupled with the folding and storage characteristics, into the suitcase does not take up space, so you do not have to put up with the hotel's spring hair dryer.

Lightweight and easy to store! The "plus or minus zero hair dryer" makes your hair behave and not get frizzy!

Perfectly repairing frizzy hair


CREATE ION has several different color models of hair dryers, and this white fashionable model is very suitable for those who pursue neat and tidy hair because of its strength of moisturizing and smoothing. The hair flow is straight and tidy after blow-drying, and the gorgeous shine and the right amount of moisture make it unique among other products.

In addition, the high efficiency of blow drying in less than 5 minutes is also attractive; however, the power consumption in high temperature mode is high, so it is recommended that those who want to save some electricity can use low temperature mode to blow dry patiently.

2.4m³/min industry's top large air volume hair dryer


This is one of the popular home appliance brand dyson Dyson's masterpiece, known for its superb large air volume, blowing to full dry in about 3 minutes 40 seconds, very high efficiency. In addition, there are 3 stages of wind speed and 4 air temperature, according to the daily hair condition, the length of the free use. Although the body is quite heavy, but the good thing is that with the support of the fast drying performance is not a burden. Just note that because the average operating volume is as high as 102dB, it is recommended to avoid using it late at night or early in the morning to avoid disturbing the neighbors.

A small but powerful device


The most distinctive feature is its lightweight, nozzle-less body, and the air outlet looks small, but it can blow a large air volume of up to 2.2㎥/min. Not only is the blow-drying speed highly praised, but the effect after blowing is even neater and smoother, so that people who have a lot of hair and are prone to frizz can also be greatly satisfied. The switch between air temperature and air volume is quite intuitive, and the 94.2dB operating volume is not too low but not too noisy. It is a pity that the current price in China is on the high side, although the function performance is good, but the price is not as good as other similar products.

Hair is naturally smooth and scalp comfortable after blowing


This hair dryer, thanks to the effect of negative ions, received a high score of 4.7 in this evaluation of the blow-drying effect. The hair can be easily combed out with a slight touch of the fingertips after use, and the high degree of moisture from the roots to the ends of the hair is quite impressive.

However, although the high power consumption of 2,600W and efficient blow-drying speed is convenient for people with a lot of hair and long hair, there is inevitably a relatively loud noise. It is best to avoid late night hours, and avoid using it with other appliances to avoid power failure or danger.

The perfect balance of richness and dryness! Great value for money


This product is equipped with TESCOM's exclusively developed "collagen box", which can simultaneously complete the blow-drying and maintenance, no matter which mode you choose, you can also blow out the beauty ingredients; and the operation is simple, no need to repeatedly switch can also care for hair, which is a great blessing for lazy people.

In addition, the most surprising is the blow-drying effect, you can easily use your hands to comb it out without a comb, the natural shine and the smooth hair, so the whole hair looks very voluminous. Although you need to regularly buy a separate collagen cartridge to replace, unlike some models that have deteriorated, you have to buy the whole unit again, it is still very convenient.

Affordable multifunctional quick-drying hair dryer


In the three major items of this test, all of them received more than 4 points, especially the shiny and smooth touching blow-drying effect is the most amazing, and the hair texture seems to be improved a lot. The air volume of 1.7㎥/min is moderately high, but the air sent out is very soft and comfortable, and it can blow to the end of the hair while aiming at the roots, so the blow-drying efficiency is very good.

In addition to SHARP's exclusive Plasmacluster ion, there are also 5 modes with different purposes and temperatures to choose from. Even though the 590g body is not a lightweight model, it still catches the hearts of many consumers with its affordable price and mid-range model strength.

High-performance quick-drying machine, most suitable for efficiency-conscious people


The main focus of this model can send a very high concentration of negative ions, and warm air blowing is very straight, so the drying efficiency is very high, and then maintain a low temperature state, effectively avoiding over-drying conditions. The effect after blowing is quite smooth and natural, especially the fluffy and soft touch makes people fall in love as soon as they use it!

On the other hand, its small size, moderate weight, hold it is not easy to feel fatigue. In addition to its own efficiency is very high, power consumption is not too worrying. The three additional nozzles each have their own characteristics and advantages, and the drying speed varies, so you can freely match them according to your needs.

Gentle, high-efficiency, next-generation hair dryer


This hair dryer is Sharp's flagship model, with the exclusive "Plasmacluster" ion that effectively enhances shine and moisture, which is helpful for hair care. The industry's first "automatic temperature control" technology can adjust the air temperature according to the distance to avoid damage to hair and scalp caused by high temperature.

Even though the air volume is only 1.1㎥/min, the efficiency of blowing and finishing is successfully improved by the structure of air supplying from both sides, so that the blow-drying speed still wins a high score of 4.5 in this test. The smoothness after blow-drying is also very satisfactory, making the hair shine beautifully and naturally. In addition, you can set your favorite mode and set the temperature and time according to your needs after connecting to the exclusive app using Bluetooth (currently available in Japan only).

Low temperature quick drying, scalp care most recommended


Although the air temperature is only about 60℃, it gets full marks for the speed of blow drying! Not only does it minimize the damage caused by hot air, but the shine and moisturization of the hair after blow-drying are also highly praised, and the texture of the hair that is soothing and tangle-free is very surprising. In addition, you can also use the special nozzle and scalp mode in the set to care for the scalp, so it can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

In addition, the volume of its operation is only 86dB on average, which is a relatively quiet hair dryer style. And overall, I believe it is very easy for anyone to operate, especially for those who are concerned about scalp problems.

Glossy, smooth and moisturized, all-around top-notch blow-drying effect


MTG ReFa is not only famous for its beauty rollers, but also for the quality of its blow hair dryer. This model, which won first place in the competition, can be used in a variety of modes according to your needs, and has a special temperature control function that automatically detects the temperature of the hair and keeps the air temperature below about 60°C. The entire hair is smooth on the surface and voluminous on the inside after blow-drying, giving it a wonderful shine as if it had been rubbed with a top-quality hair care product.

Even though the warm air temperature is not high, but the blow-drying speed is no less, in this test received a 4.5 rating. Also because of the high efficiency of the blow-drying, even if the body weight of 700g is not a burden. Such excellent strength, no wonder it can attract the love of hairdressing experts, is really the real deal.