Hong Kong ’s new coronary pneumonia epidemic has recently eased. All primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong will resume classes in stages starting from the 27th of this month. However, the customs clearance and quarantine arrangements for cross-border students have not yet been finalized, and they need to be discussed and implemented by the two governments.

The Education Bureau met with relevant school principals of primary and secondary schools today (12th) to discuss the arrangements. According to multiple sources, preliminary consideration was given to the quarantine practices of cross-border truck drivers in China and Hong Kong, and arrangements were made for cross-border teachers, students, school nurses, etc. , Accept nucleic acid test once a week to prove that healthy people can be exempted from compulsory quarantine and home isolation.

As for transportation and port opening arrangements, administrative coordination arrangements between the two places are still required. One of the preliminary considerations is to open the Shenzhen Bay Port early and require all cross-border students to return to school by special vehicles to reduce risks.


Study refers to the quarantine arrangement of China and Hong Kong freight drivers "one week inspection" exempted from quarantine

The Education Bureau today (12th) met with representatives of principals of primary and secondary schools to discuss arrangements for the resumption of cross-border students. It is understood that the authorities tend to refer to the quarantine arrangements for cross-border truck drivers, in the form of "one-week inspection", allowing students, teachers, school bus nanny and driver who pass the nucleic acid test to be exempted from 14-day quarantine. As for who will provide the test and whether there will be a fee, etc., it has yet to be implemented.

Except for freight, currently only the Shenzhen Bay Port maintains customs clearance services for land passengers from 10 to 8 hours, and the opening hours are later than normal. According to the news, after the resumption of classes, only half a day of class time, if you maintain the current switching time, students will miss the class, it is expected that the two governments may open the Shenzhen Bay Port earlier for cross-border exchanges.


The principal urges the authorities to add openings and cuts to facilitate cross-border students

Many principals said that if circumstances permit, the two governments should coordinate to open more ports for cross-border students to enter and exit. They explained that school hours are concentrated between 7:30 and 8:30, but 27,000 cross-border students live in different areas of the Mainland. In the past, they would come to Hong Kong for classes through various ports. If only one port is opened, a large number of students must pass through at the same time. The increased risk also causes some students to spend too much time on the bus.


Dedicated car picking up cross-border students to reduce the risk of commuting

Cross-border students who went to school in Sheung Shui and Tai Po used to take the MTR via Luohu and Lok Ma Chau to go to school. However, there were too many railway passengers, and some school principals thought that it was not appropriate. Therefore, they had the opportunity to arrange private cars to pick up students and reduce the risk of commuting. Some school principals pointed out that under the epidemic, the demand for coaches and school buses is low, and it is a feasible plan to arrange for private cars to pick up cross-border students.