What are the benefits of seafood? How to eat seafood products healthier?

In today's article, we analyze one of their habits, like eating seafood.

Those who adhere to the theory of social evolution have speculated that if we were not a seafood, human beings could not even evolve into intelligent enterprise life.

This is because when human society began to incorporate fish, shrimp, Seafood direct delivery(海鮮直送),shellfish, and some other meats into the daily diet, brain capacity gradually increased, and the level of wisdom education continued to improve.

In other words: the reason why human society is smart has a lot to do with the life and development of Ocean University in the early years.

Of course, this is just a theory, but not a myth. The origin of our relationship with the ocean seems to have been written into our genes.

Think about the sea you have seen, walking on the beach, happy time like a child?

On the face of the red giant lobster, the octopus writhing wantonly, the shells of different shapes, and the fish shuttled in the sea, do you have a feeling of ecstasy?

What makes it more interesting is the taste experience:

The moment the fresh, tender seafood enters the mouth, the fatty gravy in the lips and teeth bursts.

Twitching the tip of your tongue, touching your emotions, sweet, full-bodied, rich... These students feel that it is not a brain trick that has flowed into your mouth, and it has entered your heart, and then thousands of times, aftertaste We are infinite.

This ultimate taste is not the only benefit of seafood. It is more nutritious than most people think, such as ordinary umami.

Nutritional elements of all kinds of seafood

Salmon contains an impressive series of beneficial nutrients, as well as some interesting biologically active compounds, such as astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin is a carotenoid compound with China's super antioxidant properties. It can effectively remove free radicals in cells, enhance the ability of tissue cells to regenerate technology, and reduce the accumulation of senescent cells.