Marco recalled that billiards were negatively affected by Hong Kong's film culture. The billiard hall on the screen was always inseparable from gangs and crimes, but he followed his father in and out of these places but had not seen any similar incidents, but he said bluntly: "I believe in It’s true that the bridge has taken place, and the film will be filmed like this, but it will leave the public with a negative impression of billiards. In fact, the table tennis stadium is not so smug as everyone thinks. The environment has improved a lot in recent years."

  Marco, who often goes abroad, also shared that the style of foreign countries is very different from that of Hong Kong. Billiards is a healthy family activity in foreign countries. You can see grandpa and grandma taking grandchildren to "Du Bo". These pictures are never seen in Hong Kong. , But look forward to seeing it in the future!

  Talking about the changes that billiards bring to his life, one of Marco has to grow mentally. Billiards is a gentleman's sport. The most special thing is that you need to wait patiently for the opponent to finish the round, and you cannot make any harassment. For any athlete, this is a cruel part, because as long as you miss, a good chance will be given to the opponent, you can only sit on the sidelines and watch the opponent "a Cue clear bag", so your psychological quality And anti-stress has increased a lot due to billiards.

  These gains are not only limited to the table tennis court, but also greatly improve your own life. After being a father, I will think more about the "education" circle, what my children will learn, what we can learn from it, etc. Therefore, Marco has always hoped to open a billiards school for children. Benefits to children.

  Specially build a children's billiard room   course integrates STEM elements

  The first challenge in setting up a billiards school is that there has never been a table tennis equipment suitable for children on the market. A "Cue" suitable for children should stand upright and close to the shoulders. In addition, children have limited muscle strength. "Hollow Cue", because the course is 4 years old and can already register, there are also some pedals for children with insufficient height. As for the billiard table and billiards, they are also scaled down proportionally.

  The courses in the billiard school were designed by Marco. He said bluntly: "The courses cannot be taught by serious pure skills. After all, they are only 4 to 10 years old children, and the selection of instructors also takes education experience as a priority. Adding some games to strengthen the children’s communication skills will also add STEM elements. For example, how much strength and angle will be used to score goals. It includes physics and angle. Scoring also involves mathematics and so on."

  Children attract more, interest is more important than talent

  Professional billiard players can have a long career as an athlete, and Marco has no plans to retire, but to balance the choice between the player and his father, he bluntly said that it is very difficult. In the past, I used to communicate with my family through long distance calls. Technology has progressed, but it has always been different from the real face-to-face, so currently it will reduce participation in some competitions and try to accompany its family.

  Marco’s eldest daughter “Bag” is currently 7 years old (left) and her eldest daughter “Mimi” is 4 years old (right)

  Marco’s eldest daughter “Bao Bao” is currently 7 years old and her eldest daughter “Mimi” is 4 years old. It is also time for them to understand what sport Dad is engaged in, but Marco did not intend to let her daughter become a billiard player at her own pace. There are many choices for children, and it is difficult to find their true interests at one and three moments. At that time, they also briefly detached from table tennis. After immigrating to Canada, basketball was popular in the local area, so they spent more time on basketball. "Bags" are somewhat less talented in billiards, but Marco believes that to make further observations, always interest is more important than talent.

  At present, the billiards school curriculum is divided into 10 levels, suitable for children aged 4 to 10 years old. All classes are completed from zero to two and a half years at the fastest. Interested parents and children can participate in the summer vacation. The course is also recognized by the Hong Kong Table Tennis Association It can be connected to the development of children who want to take the direction of athletes in the future. Marco also expects that in the future, table tennis will be able to enter the school like basketball football and have more relevant academic competitions.