Goodbye to winter blues - with these tips you can get through the gloomy days

Anmoderationsvorschlag: In the dark, cold and uncomfortable season, many of us fight with the winter blues, are always listless or melancholy. With these tips, we can easily get through the gloomy days. Marco Chwalek knows more:

Speaker: Often one does not recognize, it is winter blues or already depressive, writes the pharmacy magazine "Seniors Guide". We asked Deputy Editor-in-Chief Kai Klindt: When should you visit the doctor?

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"There are certain warning signs to watch out for, such as constant tiredness, listlessness, irritability, or even permanently clouded mood, but even if the habits change without cause, you should go to the family doctor."

Speaker: Often the doctor can counteract with simple means. But we too can actively react to low moods through movement:

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"Yes, even if everything looks gray and bleak, once a day you should already get out into the fresh air and daylight, because even in cloudy weather you get more light in the open air, as if you are sitting at home with lamplight The best thing to do is to walk for about half an hour every day, walk, jog or ride a bike, because exercise can indeed prevent or even banish the winter blues. "

Speaker: Again and again you hear that healthy light food can significantly improve our mood. Is that correct?

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"What we eat does not only affect the body but also the soul, more and more researchers are convinced of it, there is a whole series of studies: who eats a lot of vegetables, low meat and good, healthy, that is vegetable fats, the it usually works better psychologically. "

Moderation proposal: A lot of laughter, singing together or making music together also gives us a good feeling and helps us through the gloomy days, reports the "Senior Counselor".