Meat for Shabu Shabu

In addition to basic beef, pork, and chicken, shabu-shabu with refreshing flavors such as vegetables and fish is also popular recently.


Shabu-shabu is basically beef. At high-end restaurants, you can taste Japanese domestic beef such as Kuroge Wagyu.


The most common among the general public is pork shabu-shabu. Beef Shabu Shabu is also called "pork Shabu Shabu". pork also matches well with yuzu vinegar and sesame sauce.


There are also many shabu-shabu restaurants that offer chicken shabu-shabu, Beef Shabu(牛熊市),which is also said to have the most refreshing taste among all kinds of meat shabu-shabu.

Shabu-shabu of non-animal meat

In addition to beef, pig and chicken’s non-Zhong Shabu Shabu, root vegetable pot or fish seafood Shabu Shabu has also become popular recently!

1. Shabu-shabu of root vegetables

The hot ingredients in shabu-shabu are basically vegetables that can be cooked in the pot, but there are also vegetables such as radishes, carrots, and lettuce that are very suitable for shabu-shabu. Lettuce is cut into meat-sized pieces, while carrots and white radishes are cut into thin slices.

2. Fish Shabu Shabu

For fish shabu-shabu, fish slices thinner than sashimi are used. As for the types of fish, yellowtail, sea bream and red amberjack are generally used. The rarer ingredients are crab and octopus.

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