The 2019 coronavirus epidemic is raging all over the world. Everyone cannot travel abroad, but they can still use technology to experience cultures around the world online. The number of Airbnb users has dropped significantly since the end of February, but at this time, they used resources in their hands to develop " Online Experiences " (online experience), allowing people around the world to prevent epidemics, through the Airbnb platform to book events and courses set up by people around the world. After the launch of "Online Experiences", the number of Airbnb users has skyrocketed, increasing by as much as 252% in a week!

Don't think of Airbnb's "online experience", just look at events like art galleries or art galleries. As long as you want to get a weird new experience, all can be found! Like meditating with a monk in Tokyo, learning authentic pasta with an Italian grandma, learning magic with a London magician, etc., allowing you to truly interact with people around the world online and close to redefine people ’s Views and significance of travel. The fees vary from course to course, ranging from $ 8 (1 hour) for the traditional musical instrument course in Puerto Rico, to $ 92 (1 and a half hours) for Olympic athlete Alistair Brownlee for "high-intensity interval training"


Catherine Powell, Head of Experience at Airbnb, said: "The essence of the Airbnb experience is to promote communication between people. We want to create an opportunity to connect with the global community, and online communication is currently the only feasible way." For example, when you want to learn guitar, you can also book a guitarist class on it, or invite relatives and friends to attend classes with their wine tasting masters in their homes!


If you want to move around at home, you can't miss the "A Day in the Life, Olympic Bobsledder" brought by Olympic athlete Lauren Gibbs, or do yoga with former Olympic athletes from various countries Or a tailor-made exercise! If you like animals, you can “close-up” contact with animals from various farms, or even abandoned dogs living in Chernobyl nuclear power plant.


At present, Airbnb online expert experience has launched more than 50 activities, which can be booked on the official website or mobile application, and more experiences will be launched in the future. If you have any unexpected special skills, you can also become an experience master and lead people from all over the world to enjoy life together!

(Pic: Airbnb)