New drivers look over, insurance these kinds of will be enough, or waste money.

Three minutes to clarify the classification of commonly used insurance.How to buy auto insurance? I highly recommend these, buy will save your heart and mind.Do...


Distinguishing Lithium Battery Cell Voltage from Lithium Battery Pack Voltage

1. Lithium Polymer Battery Cell Voltage Range:The full charge voltage for lithium polymer battery cells ranges from 4.2V to 4.45V.Generally, a voltage of 4.35V ...

20 Mar

When I was a sex toy evaluator

You asked me why I chose to be a sex evaluator. This is because:1. Everyone has the right to pursue happiness, which is a personal freedom, and we will respect ...

07 Dec

How many times a night is better for couples? If you do not grasp the degree, these hazards will follow

sex life, always polarized, some people for sex life is highly recommended, and even want to one night seven times. And some people are disgusted with sex, thin...

30 Nov

Choosing the right way to open and use sex toys

sex prejudice, that we this is a very private thing, should not be taken to the stage above the enterprise to say, in fact, is also this social behavior whether...

29 Nov

Whether it's a man or a woman, it's good for both of them to get these 4 truisms before sex

Why do you need a pillow during sex?Generally speaking, due to the structural analysis of the female vagina is more with special, so the male penis in the entry...

24 Aug

Where did it go. ? I bent down, almost on the ground

growing up on TV scenes, there was a little intimacy, and straight away, I got almost all of my knowledge [of sex] from the Internet.

16 Aug

Want to harmonize high-quality sex life, you have to learn these five strokes

sexual frigidity.best remote controlled vibrator The other party can not use sex to accommodate each other, otherwise it will lead to premature ejaculation of m...

15 Aug

Middle-aged and elderly men sex life time is short?6 good use of small trick please collect

sex life of middle-aged and old men shorter? As a matter of fact, it has a lot to do with ageing and changes in body functions.best app controlled sex toy At th...

20 Jul

If you want high quality "sexual" quality, you have to do it which simple four points are really good.

sex, they want high-quality sex, when they don t pay attention to it or some behavioral details will affect the quality of their sex, especially for men, for th...