It is believed that for many men, sex is their main concern and most of them want to have an orgasm while having sex, some women have sex with a pillow under their hips which they think will give them an orgasm. Is it true? What to look for during sex to keep the other person satisfied.

Why do you need a pillow during sex?

Generally speaking, due to the structural analysis of the female vagina is more with special, so the male penis in the entry of the social female vagina will be more economic difficulties, so in the buttocks under a pillow can make the male penis easier to develop into,vibrating gspot rabbit and in the conduct of sex can make the female did not reach orgasm. At the same time is also for learning some of the problems are preparing to conceive couples, in the female buttocks under a pillow can improve our women's fertilization rate.

What should I pay attention to during sex?

1. Good hygiene and cleanliness

Sex should also do a good job of hygiene and cleanliness, "beforehand" cleaning of the genitals, so as to avoid the presence of bacteria on each other's genitals infected with each other and the formation of cross-infection.

2. Control the number of times

Sex, men should not be too nervous, but also pay attention to not indulge themselves,the wand sex toy let yourself control the number of sex, often sex men the next day is very easy to feel fatigue and mental abnormality.

3. Good contraceptive measures

If we do not have the intention of their own pregnancy to do a good job of contraceptive measures, which can reduce the burden on each other, to avoid sex because of too much worry and affect the quality of sex,vibarator for women but also to effectively prevent the emergence of unplanned pregnancies so that women need to be teachers of life abortion, which improves the body's physical harm is extremely large.

4. Avoid too long

Sex life is not a time can be maintained for as long as the better, the longer the sex life, many times will let each other because of labor and lose libido, so instead of letting them get each other to develop orgasm.

If you have sex in the summer, you should be aware of your physical condition to do so, do not want to release the desire to harm the body, while allowing yourself to eat more light food and get enough good protein.

Men and women should know some precautions to take when having sex and pay special attention to themselves so that they can improve the quality of their sex life. It is also important to be aware of some other precautions after having sex. For example, you can't take a shower right away, some people will let themselves take a shower right away because they sweat after having sex, and their pores will open up after having sex. If you take a bath right away, it is easy to catch a cold or induce cardiovascular disease.