New drivers look over, insurance these kinds of will be enough, or waste money.

Liability insurance.Third party liability insurance is also well understood, still only pay for others, not yourself. And it is declared that this is an unlimit...


Distinguishing Lithium Battery Cell Voltage from Lithium Battery Pack Voltage

batteries, it s important to have a clear understanding of the fundamental principles associated with lithium batteries, particularly in regard to voltage and n...

30 Jan

Battery capacity and price of 18650 lithium-ion power batteries are increasing?

18650 lithium-ion batteries can easily break through Mach 5000, since their capacity is generally between Mach 1200 and 3600, while the general battery capacity...

17 Jan

Sodium batteries are about to be launched, and they have many advantages over lead-acid batteries

battery management technology is crucial. In recent years, sodium batteries have been considered as an emerging battery technology and a

07 Nov

which is more practical: lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries or graphene batteries?

which is more practical: lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries or graphene batteries? I‘m gonna tell you once and for all todayWhen it comes to electric ca...

14 Sep

How the electric car battery is produced, as well as after a few processes

here we tell a secret, the whole assembly line down thousands or even hundreds of thousands of batteries to manage basically these are not the same as their own...

17 Aug

What is 18650 lithium battery, what is 18650 lithium battery

the nominal voltage of the battery has reached, and the capacity has reached or exceeded the level of lithium cobalt batteries. So now most people prefer to use

17 Aug

Exploring the advantages and disadvantages of lithium-ion batteries

batteries typically have a long-term storage life of 5 to 10 years because they self-discharge less than 10% annually when they are set aside. The self-discharg...