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Electric car battery for everyone is definitely not a strange thing, for the time being, regardless of the electric car battery, in fact, the car's starter batteries and electric car batteries are basically the same production process,best lithium ion battery machine company the same is the lead-acid dry battery production process is still different, which is divided into the inner cycle process as well as the outer cycle of the battery, for the lead-acid batteries, for the inner cycle or the outer cycle, it is just more than one production Process issues, and then assembled before a cooked pole plate, a non-electrified raw pole plate, a netizen asked, what is the raw pole plate, cooked pole plate and what is the rationale for it?

In fact, equipment for lithium battery assembly in the assembly of finished products, if the pole plate with its own electric work is what we call cooked pole plate, that is to say, can be installed after the completion of the construction of the battery with its own voltage, known as the cooked pole plate, the different forms of the process only, the raw pole plate is in the installation of the use of the finished after charging, is the meaning of the problem through this.

Plate production process is actually very simple, is melted at high temperatures into a plate abrasive to let it form, in the battery assembly process is the first plate weighing, why is this? Because the whole battery is to pursue the same weight, if the weight difference is very large, it will inevitably lead to uneven battery capacity, the internal structure of the battery is the atmosphere of the six cells, the back of a single battery is a positive and negative plate, in the middle of the spacer paper, this spacer paper is made of fibers, the white stuff is designed to separate the positive and negative poles, thus preventing the series connection state.

The voltage of each cell is specified as 2 V. If there are six cells in a single battery, it is a 12 V battery, but of course there will be 8 V, 16 V, 24 V. 24 V is extremely rare. Unless specifically customized, the battery weighing plates are later compressed and packed. Previously, this process is basically done manually. With the progress and development of society, are basically semi-automatic or automated, very convenient. After this process, it falls apart.

Secondly, this is still very critical, that is, the sealing of the buckle cover and the sealing of the glue. Why is this link more important? Because the slightest carelessness may lead to poor sealing of the battery, the consequences of unclear ports are serious.

Then carried out is back to the furnace welding, usually this link is a professional tool for the operation, followed by the filling of the acid solution liquid, the purpose of this thing is to ensure that the ions normal preferred by the first choice, and then after the discharge charging and so on a few cycles, and then into the cleaning area, to ensure that the battery's appearance is clean!

The last link is really the most important, that is, you can accurately measure the voltage, accurate grouping, to ensure that the consumer's normal work use, here we tell a secret, the whole assembly line down thousands or even hundreds of thousands of batteries to manage basically these are not the same as their own, this is for the so-called difference in the battery.

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