I can’t eat rice and other staple foods to lose weight? Will my body be injured?

Different human bodies have different constitutions and different ways of losing weight. Some people grow meat when they drink water. People with this physique will be advised not to eat staple foods when losing weight, otherwise the meat will grow faster. The so-called staple food, namely rice, noodles, etc., can be said to be a must for every Chinese meal. Without these, can you really not eat during the weight loss period if you have to eat?

What happens if people who are losing weight are still eating staple food?

Rice and other staple foods are rich in carbohydrates, which are the main source of human energy. People eat rice and other staple foods to meet their work needs. However, excessive intake of carbohydrates can also interfere with fat conversion and become the chief culprit in meat growth. Some people eat staple foods in the process of losing weight, and they do become fatter and fatter, but some people still eat staple foods, and the weight loss effect is not affected. There are a number of reasons.

Even if you lose weight, you must gain energy. Even if you sit still, your body needs to consume energy to maintain metabolism and normal breathing. In the daily diet, the proportion of energy should be between 45% and 60% as much as possible, and carbohydrates between 150 grams and 200 grams are reasonable. You can eat rice and other staple foods, or you can use sweet potatoes and other miscellaneous grains instead. The key is to have a balanced three meals a day, not all at once.

Therefore, as long as a person who is losing weight has a choice and eats a limited staple food, the weight loss plan will not be affected. On the contrary, resolutely not eating staple foods may bring a series of troubles.

The human brain mainly relies on sugar to transport energy, and the main source of sugar in the diet is staple food. If you do not eat staple foods, it is difficult to maintain the normal activities of the human brain, and the rate of brain cell decline will also increase. The direct effect is that the response of the whole person becomes slower and the efficiency of work and study decreases. Over a long period of time, the weight may be reduced, but the ability of the brain will also decline, and the gain is not worth the loss.

The staple food is different from other foods. Because of its delicate production, it is easier to digest by the body than meat, vegetables, and fruits. The spleen and stomach prefer this kind of food. If you eat less staple food every day and eat all vegetables, fruits, etc., it contains a lot of dietary fiber, but it will increase the transportation burden of the spleen and stomach. Over time, you will also feel that your spleen and stomach are very difficult. Big Gas-fried food(燒烤食品).

Although the staple food contains more starch, it also contains nutrients needed by the human body. Take rice as an example. For every 100 grams of rice, fat content is 0.33 grams, protein is 2.6 grams, cellulose is 0.3 grams, potassium and sodium are also rich in minerals. Therefore, eating rice every day can not only supplement carbohydrates such as starch, but also meet daily nutritional needs. When restricting meat, supplementing staple foods appropriately can also make up for the lack of protein intake. If you don't even eat staple foods, it will inevitably lead to nutritional imbalance in the body until it affects immunity. Losing weight may be unsuccessful and may be troubled by some minor problems.

Being overweight can damage all organs of the body. When the BMI index exceeds 30, one should lose weight. But weight loss cannot be too blind. It is necessary to appropriately reduce the intake of staple foods, but you cannot directly reject the staple foods, otherwise the physical problem will not be small. You are losing weight, please think twice! Don't wait until your body is empty to regret it.

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