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18650 lithium battery is a kind of cylindrical lithium battery, diameter 18mm, height 65.0mm, 18650 pack builder rated voltage 3.7V, in order to meet the needs of more equipment, 18650 lithium battery pack came into being, according to the series parallel assembly of 18650 battery, to achieve greater voltage and longer discharge time. 18650 lithium battery ternary material as a positive rechargeable battery, the safety factor is higher than lithium cobalt acid battery, but the working voltage is too low, so the use of mobile phones (mobile phone cut-off voltage is generally up and down) will have a significant volume of insufficient feeling. At present, the former is widely used in the sales market.

18650 lithium battery

18650 lithium battery and ternary lithium battery difference

1. Ternary lithium battery has a large capacity. battery manufacturing machine Its capacity is equivalent to 18,650 lithium batteries, and the ternary lithium polymer can even reach 10,000 MA.

2.18650 lithium battery network life is very long, the longer its life, the special development of lithium ion through the structure, full charge is about twice or even more than the ordinary user charging system battery, it can be said that the capacity is very large

3.18650 Rechargeable lithium-ion battery has no memory. li ion battery construction This battery is likely not easy to charge and discharge the remaining charge before recharging, which makes it more convenient to use; Unlike nickel metal hydride batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries have the memory effect of discharge.

4.18650 lithium battery internal resistance is small, the volume damage is irreversible, can greatly reduce the functional loss of the rechargeable battery, improve the number of battery cycles;

5.18650 Lithium-ion battery has high safety and is not easy to cause explosion or air pollution. The test results show that in most cases, the probability of common short circuit failure is reduced to the best case. Avoid overcharging or power outages.

What is the main use of the 18650 battery?

The 18650 lithium battery is more stable and stable in the international economic market, and its market value share is also the technology leader of other lithium-ion battery products in the enterprise. In the consumer digital world technology company electronic information equipment, mechanical production equipment, medical security machinery and other large and small lithium battery industry has been widely used in the service management robot, AGV truck, unmanned aircraft, new energy vehicles and other power lithium battery industry has been widely promoted and applied in society. In smart phones, tablets, notebooks, electric toy cars, MP3/MP4, mobile phone headsets, mobile chargers, model aircraft, mobile network telephone system and other aspects have shown a strong development prospect.

Its volume and safety balance coefficient are better than ordinary raw materials. Due to technical reasons, its early rated voltage is limited, and the field of application is also limited. With the gradual improvement of the formula and structure, the nominal voltage of the battery has reached, and the capacity has reached or exceeded the level of lithium cobalt batteries. So now most people prefer to use 18650 lithium battery packs.

Battery use precautions:

1. Avoid overcharging on the first charge

When charging for the first time, choose daytime charging. Charging at night can easily cause overcharge and damage the battery. And it is easy to control the charging time during the day, so pay attention to the time when charging.

2. Charging time.

The charger is best provided during the day, try not to charge the 18650 lithium battery is such a country at night, noting the time of the charger can also allow danger to come, have time to deal with it.

3. Avoid overcharging.

The charging time of the charger should be controlled well, preferably not more than 8 hours, overcharging will lead to shorter life of the 18650 lithium-ion battery, and may also lead to negative voltage.

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