Students taking the college entrance examination are accepting admission and about to start a new journey. Among these prospective college students, some chose local universities and some chose to go to college. For many parents,hong kong university ranking keeping their children at home to study can be a struggle, from before the college entrance examination to after graduating from college. In fact, going to college away from home has these 4 benefits that many parents never thought of!

1. Get into a good university with low scores

Friends who have filled out their college entrance examination applications know very well that students with a certain score tend to apply for local universities when choosing a school. With a large number of people and limited enrollment in colleges and universities, the admission score has been virtually raised.greater bay area education If you go abroad with such a score, you will most likely be studying at a new university with a second-tier score. Good universities are also very helpful for future employment. Many large companies even only look at schools with the first degree when recruiting.

2. Experience collective life

Most of the freshmen who have entered college in the past two years are only children in their families and have little experience in collective life.hong kong international university Some netizens commented: When we were in college, foreigners clung to each other and the locals were alienated from everyone. Because the locals go home from time to time, they are not allowed to see people even on weekends. And four years of college friendship are very valuable in a lifetime. If there are regrets due to this or that reason, it is not worth the loss.

3. Develop the habit of independence

Many of the children going to college this year are only children and have followed their parents since childhood. From kindergarten to the end of high school, they are basically accompanied by their families. Many students lack independent living habits. In fact, parents' comprehensiveness is not conducive to the growth of their children. They always live under the protection of their parents and rely on their parents for many things they can do instead of thinking of solutions themselves. Going out to universities in the province can help children learn to be independent from the greenhouse built by their parents. They can do their own things without relying on their parents.

4. Helps broaden horizons

University education is a very good form of teaching practice. Going to study in other places allows you to experience completely different customs, customs, and traditional culture from your hometown. This is a great help in improving your horizons. If a child does not stay with his parents all the time, his vision can only improve the city where he works and lives, and he does not know the impact of the outside world. In these four years, not only companies need to learn relevant professional theoretical knowledge, but also teachers need to broaden their horizons and enrich themselves through direct contact with people, experiences and things from different countries, watching different scenery and walking different paths. Their own life experiences, cultivate their own correct outlook on life and values, and lay a solid foundation for entering society in the future.