After the college entrance exam, I often hear people around me say, "Oh, I've tried my best, it's good to get into a university, why do I have to score a key university and an ordinary university? After coming out of it is not a bachelor's degree?" However, is that really the case? Let's take a look at the differences between major universities and ordinary universities.


Faculty. Generally speaking, teachers at key universities pay more attention to the development of students' self-awareness, pay more attention to the quality of their classes, and pay attention to the development of students' self-skills, not only their theoretical understanding but also their practical skills. The teachers of ordinary universities, most of them read from the book, and some of them do not focus on the communication with students.

Perspective and platform. Key universities have become the label of excellent universities, enterprises, government and other social institutions many things to cooperate with universities, excellent opportunities naturally preferred to excellent universities, students of key universities usually participate in the famous enterprises exchange activities, government exchange activities, celebrity lectures or meet and greet than ordinary universities, which directly affects the employment of students.


The difference between the rate of going abroad and the rate of keeping research. The former is higher than the rate of study, scholarship key universities than ordinary universities are more, no other reason, because the state will give special funding to key universities to maintain the school's resource spending.

Having said all this, is it only the key universities are called universities? Not oh. Whether it is a major university or an ordinary university, the most important thing is to do is to look at yourself and set your mind right, although it is said that after you graduate your job will be affected by your diploma, but the real decision of the future is your own strength combined with how hard you have worked. So, whether it's a key university or an ordinary university, you all go for it.