Why successful experience is so important for young children

Children's successful experience is the self-feeling of the child's wishes or thoughts. This kind of self-feeling is often accompanied by joy, satisfaction, detached emotion and deeper cognitive experience.

  In the life and learning of young children, a lot of ideas, imagination, understanding, desires and other concepts will be formed through exploration and construction. There are two main types of these concepts, one is targeted, such as desires, ideas, etc .; the other is meaningful, such as understanding, imagination, etc. For the target concept, becoming a reality can allow children to have a successful experience; and for the concept of meaning, it must be obtained through full display.

  For example, children want to build a house with large blocks, this desire needs to be realized through operation, and once this desire is realized, you can get a successful experience; and ask children why the fish will not be drowned in the sea, and if people will Swimming will drown in the sea, it is the children who fully express their ideas by asking others questions, that is, fully demonstrate the successful experience.

  Although there are different ways of obtaining, for children, the successful experience should not only be part of life and learning, but also have irreplaceable value for the growth of children and other aspects of development. On the one hand, the acquisition of successful experiences will deepen the children ’s understanding and increase their experience, and at the same time, they can keep the children ’s interest in exploring and learning; Wait for self-awareness and self-concept, experience self-worth and meaning, and promote the development of children's emotional and emotional abilities. At the same time, the acquisition of the successful experience of the child can make the child have a stronger desire to communicate and communicate with others, and also plays an important role in enhancing the child's communication and communication ability.

  What are the ways for young children to get a successful experience


  A large number of wishes, ideas, imaginations, etc. will continue to appear in the life and learning process of children. Some are easy for teachers to help them realize, some are difficult, and even some are impossible. In general, there are three main ways to help young children get a successful experience according to the difficulty of their wishes and ideas:

  The first way is the realization of facts. Fact realization is a way for teachers to guide and create an environment for children to realize their ideas or wishes through practical operations. This method is suitable for those ideas and wishes that are relatively easy to realize. For example, if a child wants to grow a cabbage, the teacher can help him plant it in the plant corner or in the kindergarten.

  The second is tool implementation. Tool realization refers to the way in which children's thoughts or wishes need to be realized indirectly through a certain tool. This method is suitable for those ideas and wishes that are more difficult to realize under the existing conditions. For example, children want to see what is on the moon. Teachers can make children feel through videos, pictures or visiting science and technology museums.


  The third type is logic implementation. Logic realization is that teachers let children realize their thoughts and wishes through logical reasoning that children can understand. This approach applies to ideas that are unlikely to be realized within the scope of human experience. For example, children feel that winter is too cold and want to go to the sun to spend the winter. At this time, the teacher introduces to the children that the sun is like a fire, and it ca n’t live in the fire, to explain that the sun can not live in the winter.

  Although some of the children ’s ideas can be realized, and some of them are more difficult, no matter what, the teacher should appreciate each child ’s ideas, wishes, and thoughts, and give appropriate feedback. Sometimes, just a feedback can make the child have a successful experience.