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Two influential politicians were given full-tuition scholarships in USC's social work programs.

The O.J. Simpson trial caused scandals in the court house as former L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and the former dean of USC’s social work program, Marilyn Flynn, were indicted on bribery and fraud charges as a result of one of those scholarships.

Karen Bass is considered to be the leading candidate to become L.A's next mayor, with a scholarship from

Federal prosecutors are looking into Bass's campaign

The prosecutors said that Bass' scholarship is "critical" to their case and the corruption of USC's social work program.

In the future, jurors will be judged on how they prioritize their relationships with people from their district. This means that it is unlikely that they will judge Connie Bass to be guilty because her relationship with USC, their biggest employer, could have a major impact in their verdict

Flynn expected the legislation to pass because of the congresswoman's support. He then convinced her to sponsor legislation in Congress that would give USC and other private universities the ability use federal funds for social work research.

Flynn has been charged for this alleged scandal of a quid pro quo where she was given county contracts in order to leave a $25,000 scholarship and award it to someone else. Prosecutors typically rely on the email evidences Flynn sent out, which reads that she agrees to be giving scholarships like these (sometimes) in exchange for contracts worth tens of thousands of dollars.

John Smith, whose name is admin to the court, was not recognized in the documents according to regulations. But The Times, confirmed his identity through case records and people who have knowledge of the case.

Federal prosecutors declined to give more information about Rep. Bass' investigation. They said he is not the target or a subject of their investigation and found no evidence so far that Rep. Bass was involved with wrongdoing.

With the trial for Congresswoman Bass's case coming up in November, how she got her free masters degree could be a contested part of the trial. Lawyers for Congressman Flynn subpoenaed USC for any correspondence about the congresswoman, including her scholarship and benefits given to her by USC.

The newest controversy in the Bass campaign is not centered on political attacks or policy but rather involves Bass'  master scholarship.

Bass denied ever talking to Flynn about federal funding for social work programs in private universities and when they spoke about her attendance at USC. She said that Flynn was never asking to do this and so she didn't know he had an agenda feeling like.

Jackie Bass mentioned the passion for children's welfare has been a longtime goal of hers. Her only reason for getting her Master's in Policy degree was to make a better advocate for families.

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A prestigious scholarship was revealed by the Times last year. The full tuition award had no formal application process, and it was more generious than some grants given to other students.

I interviewed the head of an organization last fall, and she said that the person in charge of admissions recruited her to the program.

Before Bass accepted the scholarship, she wrote to the House Committee on Ethics, requesting exemptions for gift laws. She said this would allow her to deepen her knowledge of child welfare policy and represent constituents better.


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