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Some friends think SEO work is boring, but some friends think SEO work is google seovery challenging, in fact, this is not wrong, mainly depends on the evaluator from which perspective to see SEO work, for example, think friends are more boring, may just manage the website content distribution, maintain the content, so there will be a feeling: SEO work, just update the old content of the website, in fact, in our opinion, this is In fact, in our opinion, this is a rather one-sided view, other SEO work we do not mention, we just for the website old content management this aspect, to explain our views:

According to our previous experience in google SEO strategy, we believe that:

1.Website old content and how to manage it

We found that many websites are in a state of abandoning old content management, we think most of the website traffic comes from old pages, so we suggest that the management of old pages can start from the following aspects.

①Content management

There are many types of old content, some of which will lose value over time, and of course some of the old content ideas will be wrong, such as writing search engine optimization articles, some search engine optimization ideas as the optimization algorithm changes, the idea becomes incorrect, so we need to decide whether it is necessary to regularly manage the old content, based on the properties of the old content on the site, and of course recreate the old content value, search engines also give higher rankings.

② Ranking Management

In addition to managing the impact of content on rankings, we will find that many old pages will have alternating ranking fluctuations, or even a total loss of rankings. Experienced seoer will know that sometimes this fluctuation is a phenomenon when the search engine adjustment, but sometimes, the site itself has problems, there will also be such performance. So we recommend to monitor the ranking of the old content of the website. If a large number of pages with the same attributes are found to have ranking fluctuations, they can be checked out to avoid causing more page rank losses to the site.

③Other management

There are also a lot of old content information management work items, such as the site opened the comment function, for immediate comments, we teachers can at the same time through a website backstage tips timely research found, and some past comments on the content, does not meet the timeliness, does not meet the requirements of the algorithm, we need to constantly analyze the timely processing. There are also some websites with downloadable content, whether these cultural resources environment remains valid and so on, all need to improve our regular social supervision cost management.

See here, some friends will feel that the old content management is also very boring, there is no challenge, in fact, we do search engine optimization to make the site has more keywords to get traffic. And we think the old pages can also help the new pages to do ranking.

2. how to use the old content for search engine optimization

①Increase revenue

Using old content for inclusion, we think the main thing is to use the high display volume of old pages. Usually, the higher the ranking of the page, the higher the frequency of spider visits. Newly released content, whether it is included, the amount of spider crawl is important. We can add the anchor text of the new page to the old page with higher ranking to promote crawling.

②Improve ranking

If we say that the use of old pages for improving the total amount of corporate website ranking, that is, in order to improve the ranking management ability of new pages, we ourselves believe that the old pages in the new page to do relevance high internal links, although a page level export links, but the weight of the old page is high, the same can also be done by improving the social trust of the new page, and subsequently improve the ranking ability of China.

③Guided click

We can also use the high level function of the old page to convert the site page drainage, the drainage page links to the old page related content, by doing ab test and so on, you can test which pages link to each other to maximize the conversion of the site.

So, at first we said that search engine optimization is a challenging job, you do search engine optimization does it include, ranking, conversion? Therefore, we want to reiterate a point, look at the focus of the problem, different perspective, the results are different.

To sum up:seo work is just a matter of updating old content on your website. Discussed here. The above content is for reference only.