In the process of using the computer, I believe many people have been harassed by roaming software. The original plan is to install a software, after the installation, there will be some inexplicable software, from time to time will pop up some can not close the advertising window, it is easy to block the machine, or the home page of the computer was tampered with for no reason, let it happen.convert word to pdf online free without losing formatting Therefore, today we will introduce some anti-"rogue" good method.

How to cure the inexplicable installation of software?

Nowadays, although our country has basically free software companies, but for some niche software is difficult to be users can personally loaded into the computer system, because the network security is unknown. One of the best ways to solve this problem is to bundle with well-known large-scale software applications. Large software packages implant niche software in the installation package and "smuggle"merge 2 jpg files into 1 pdf it in by analyzing the user's information, which is not easy to find out by "default installation".

The best way to solve this problem is to use "Custom install" during installation and look for every option that requires a "Check box", which is a package in addition to the user agreement. As long as you don't check this type of application, the installation is basically a "clean install". Of course, this can only deal with mainstream "rogues", some deep rogue software, this may not work.

What about pop-up ads?

A lot of software will pop up frequently, this time you need antivirus software. Now many antivirus software comes with "pop-up blocking" function. The use of pop-up blocking will automatically locate the pop-ups to ensure a pure experience. However, when installing an antivirus program, it is good to choose one. Multiple antivirus programs can cause internal conflicts, resulting in the failure of the blocking ability, which requires special attention.

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What if the homepage is easily tampered with?

The homepage being tampered with has a lot to do with the browser itself. Some browsers will tamper with a user's homepage in order to increase their usage. This is generally not easy to happen, and the way to prevent it is to use the mainstream browsers first.pdf editor free Other browsers can be prevented in advance by antivirus software.

Insufficient disk space and how to deal with it effectively?

New computer system disks are usually installed on the default C disk. When installing, users can choose the back of the installation location, and try to avoid installing to the system disk, but the dedicated disk. In this way, you can remove the software as you like without worrying about touching the system files. And after uninstalling the software, there will be software residue will also take up a certain amount of space, in the installation location can be directly removed.

As a user, many of the computer's privileges will be obtained by the software, which is the main reason why the computer is vulnerable to attacks. Proper software installation and computer maintenance can protect the computer from rogue software. These tips don't necessarily solve big problems, but it's nice to prevent them before they happen.