Digital processing compared to traditional processing of the 5 major advantages, quickly learn

1. Safe machining

The operator of a CNC machine tool is safely isolated from all sharp parts by a special protective structure. He can still see what is happening in the machine tool through the glass, cnc machining service china but he does not need to be near the mill or spindle.

The operator also does not have to come into contact with the cooling fluid. Depending on the substance, some fluids may be harmful to human skin.

2. Minimum setting error

It is usually mounted on the spindle as a tool, hr management system the position of which is determined by the contact of the probe with the fixed part. Then, the zero point of the cursor system is determined so that the setting error is minimized.

3. Stable reproduction accuracy

What is more stable than a proven computer program? The movement of the instrument is always the same, because its accuracy depends only on the precision of the stepper motor.

4. Complex surfaces are easy to manufacture

It is almost impossible to manufacture a complex surface with high precision by traditional teaching methods. s19 95th The CAM system analysis can be done automatically by forming toolpaths for any surface that does not have one.

5. Higher Machine Tool Flexibility

Traditional methods are milling machines for slots or flats, lathes for cylinders and cones, and drills for holes. Digital machining can combine all of these functions on a single machine.

By programming the toolpath, you can duplicate any movement on any machine. So we have milling centers that can make cylindrical parts and lathes that can mill recesses. All this is done to reduce the number of part setups.