wafer tester

Wafer polishing machine is a kind of polishing and grinding equipment used in semiconductor industry,wafer tester which is mainly used for polishing and processing of wafer. Its main components include rotary head, indenter, polishing pad and grinding table.

Wafer is a common component wafer in integrated circuit boards and chips. During the manufacturing process, wafers require process steps such as slicing, grinding and polishing. However, with the decreasing size of wafers, the traditional grinding and polishing methods can no longer meet the process requirements.wafer probe testing Therefore, the wafer polishing machine came into being.

Wafer polishing machine through the pressure head and rotating head together to control the position of the wafer, to ensure that in the polishing process will not be shifted. Polishing pads play a role in accepting wafers and polishing them. With the increasing demand for chips, the demand for wafers has reached a new high.

In order to meet the requirements for wafer flatness, finish and smoothness, wafer polishing machines are constantly evolving towards higher precision, lower cost, flexibility and intelligent automation. At the same time,vibration isolation table with the development of the Internet of Things and big data, some Internet technologies have been introduced into the polishing equipment. For example, some equipment has introduced PLC control systems, real-time monitoring systems, and data acquisition and analysis systems, and some equipment is improving remote control functions.