U is a unit that represents the external dimensions of the server and is the abbreviation of unit.




When hosting servers, the "1U" that service providers often refer to is a product that meets EIA (Electronic Industries Association) specifications and has a thickness of 4.445cm.Server rack cabinet Products designed to be placed in a 19-inch cabinet are usually called rack servers. .

19 inches is the width of the server (48.26cm=19 inches), and the height is a multiple of 4.445cm. Since the width of the server is 19 inches, the rack that meets this requirement is sometimes called a "19-inch rack."

Server sizes are specified so that the server remains appropriately sized so that it can be placed on an iron or aluminum rack.rack 42u There are screw holes for fixing the server on the rack, so that the screw holes of the server can be aligned and then fixed with screws to facilitate the space required for installing each server.

What does 1U server mean?

The 1U server is a high-availability, high-density and low-cost server platform designed for special application industries and high-density computer environments. They can boot their own operating system through the local hard disk, such as Windows NT/2000/2003, Linux, Solaris, etc. Similar to independent servers.server rack server In this mode, each motherboard runs its own system, serving different user groups, and is not related to each other. But we can still use system software to integrate these motherboards into a server cluster.

At present, the 1U server is in the development stage and has a large number of users. Currently, it is widely used in data centers and scientific research institutions. As the Internet becomes more and more popular, the application of network technology becomes more and more frequent. Applications such as personal data backup, online game platforms, and small and medium-sized enterprise websites have all used servers.

With the rapid development of enterprise informatization, the demand for servers is also increasing. In the limited space of the computer room, we must pay attention to how to reasonably plan and implement it.