Drinking water to hurt the body "cold stimulation" is not good for the heart

It's really happy to pick up a drink and drink it on a hot day! But this approach is very dangerous for people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Drinking too much water at a time can easily increase the burden on the heart and even cause accidents.

Don't wait for thirst to drink water

When we feel "thirsty", in fact the body is already in a state of mild dehydration, blood volume begins to decrease, blood viscosity increases, and heart function has been affected. At this time, if you drink a lot of water at once, the burden on the digestive system and the circulatory system will suddenly increase, and the body is too late to adapt, which may easily lead to increased blood pressure, insufficient blood supply to important organs such as the brain. as a result of.


Countermeasure: Usually drink water when you are not thirsty. It is advisable to use plain boiled water or natural drinking water rich in minerals and trace elements to timely supplement the water and electrolytes needed by the body. At the same time, pay attention to a low-salt diet to minimize the burden on the heart.

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Do not drink cold drinks

Many people like to quench their thirst with ice-cold drinks. As everyone knows, high-concentration ice-cold drinks not only directly stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, causing gastrointestinal cramps and other discomforts, but also transmit "cold stimulation" signals to the brain, making them mistaken for the internal The heat has been dissipated, "order" to stop the heat removal work. As a result, the pores are not easy to vent, and the body has difficulty dissipating heat, which is even more harmful to the heart. When the various ingredients in beverages are metabolized in the body, they also need to consume a lot of water, making people more thirsty.


Countermeasure: Avoid cold drinks and drink a small amount of water. In addition to not slamming once, if you are doing outdoor activities, you should replenish water before, during and after the activity. Replenish water 450 to 600 ml 15 minutes before exercise. Drink about 150 to 240 milliliters of water every 15 minutes or so after exercise, and you should add it in time after exercise.


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Is water with no TDS safe to drink?

These are necessary minerals that may enable you to meet the suggested daily consumption. Since it doesn't provide any minerals for our food, water without TDS can really be harmful to our health. Several people don't obtain the necessary amounts of minerals from our diets alone, according to research.

What type of water is the best in the world?

Since its founding in 1999, Aquafina has grown to be the biggest bottled water brand in the world. The company, which is currently owned by PepsiCo, manufactures both flavored and unflavored water in addition to other branded goods like lip balm and even clothes.

What beverages may I consume to restore my kidneys?

drinks that are suitable for those with renal disease
dark coffee. Coffee is safe for those with renal disease when consumed in moderation. a green tea without sugar. Green tea has more polyphenols, a type of antioxidant, and less caffeine than coffee. Smoothies with less added sugar. Water that has been infused. Drinking cranberry juice. home-brewed ginger beer.

Is water with a 7.8 pH good?

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the pH of water sources should be measured at a level between 6.5 and 8.5 on a scale from 0 to 14. The ideal pH for drinking water is 7, which is just in the middle.

The TDS meter's accuracy is how much?

The meter offers a +/- 2% accuracy and a TDS range of 0-990ppm (mg/L). As a result, it is capable of measuring the concentration of both organic materials, such as calcium, magnesium, and sodium, and inorganic salts.