The apparently simple-looking bamboo is not simple and can be used as creative items.

Making bicyclesBamboo bicycles are widely used and are popular in Asia and Africa, as well as in North America. The development of bamboo bicycles has generated...


Are biodegradable plastics feasible?

1. Are bio-based plastics biodegradable plastics?Not necessarily!Some biobased plastics are biodegradable plastics and some are not.Biobasedplastics are plastic...

06 Sep

Why does the magic coconut sponge have such a good decontamination ability? Listen to the following explanation.

sponges bulkeasy to maintain, do not leave scratches, do not harm the surface of the object, easy to use, do not need chemical cleaning agents. Because of the i...

18 Jul

A piece of your own dishwashing sponge 10 super practical uses for everyday life

and dragging the sound harsh, but also easy to scratch the floor. At this point, just cut a few small square sponges can be!

25 May

The 5 Most Important Things to Consider Before Investing in Custom Sponges

When it comes to investing in custom sponges, there are a few things to consider. Here are five critical elements:1. Size and form: It is critical to select the...