Flower pot waterproofI'm sure everyone has a dishwashing sponge in their kitchen, not only can it be used for washing dishes, but it can also be used in many aspects of our lives, making it a multi-purpose, money-saving and worry-free tool! Here are 10 super useful everyday use sponges for you to save a lot of money buying tools!

1. Flower pot waterproof

Home with flowers and greenery friends, sometimes too much watering is easy to rot the roots. cellulose sponge manufacturerThis time a sponge can solve this problem.

Put a piece of sponge in the bottom of the pot, then soil and plants. Sponge absorbent, heavy rain is not afraid of too much water in the pot, the plant was drowned, but also water storage, occasionally forget to watering is not afraid of it!

2. Nurture seed germination

Accelerated germination, plant seeds are easy to germinate as long as they are kept moist.

Spread small seeds on the wet sponge, wholesale Konjac spongelarge seed enterprises can be cut on the surface of the sea shallow mouth stuffed into the fixed, and then we can be more at ease and wait for the seeds to begin to germinate it!

3. Non-slip table stool

At home on the table, the stool foot is easy to slip, and dragging the sound harsh, but also easy to scratch the floor. At this point, just cut a few small square sponges can be!

First glue the sponge block in the chair feet, after leveling, the chair will be very stable, natural luffa spongeand no longer afraid of scratching the floor.

In addition, home vases and other fragile items, you can also use this method to paste the protective sponge.

4. As a pin cushion

Make a needle cushion with a sponge to hold all kinds of needles, safe and convenient. Write it down, love to do crafts buddy!

5. Soap pads

Sponge pad can absorb water, but also not easy to slip, used to put soap, you do not have to buy a soap box it, soap and after studying will not be because it has been wet.

If the soap is too small, take a sponge, open a mouth to put the soap in.

Want to use when water gently rubbing sponge, instant lather, convenient and not waste.

6. Cleaning electric fans

Electric fan mesh cover is very tight, and easy to accumulate dust, plus the gap is too small to clean.

In this case, you can first take a dishwashing sponge, like cutting a cake horizontally and vertically cut a few times. Be careful not to cut, cut out the shape like eating mango pulp. Then dip the sponge in water and you can wash it!

7. Cleaning blinds, glass

Glass for windows, blinds have a lot of layers, is not their own feel wiped up a lot of trouble?

Use a knife to make a hole in the side of the sponge, and then find a food clip and clip the sponge up and down. Then immerse the sponge in water and clean the blinds easily!

8. Clean window cracks

Window crevices tend to collect dust and rags don't wipe well.

A sponge, a chopstick or a stick will do the trick!

9.Clean water pipes

When water pipes are used for a long time, moss will grow inside.

At this time we can they tear off a layer of sponge, rolled into a cylinder. Plug one end of the water pipe, and then you need to connect the faucet. Then by turning on the control faucet, use the force of the water to wash out the sponge and the dirt inside the water pipe.

10. Quick dishwashing

Cut it with scissors, drop in detergent, cut it and you can just stick it on the side of the plate or bowl and wash both sides with one hand. Washing dishes in this way saves water and time.

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