lpwa 5g

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) issued thelpwa 5g "Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Promoting the Comprehensive Development of Mobile Internet of Things". The report mentions accelerating 5G network construction, continuing to deepen 4G network coverage, supporting CAT.1 development, and achieving NB-loT coverage in cities above the county level by 2020. It is planned to meet most low-rate application scenarios through NB-loT, medium-rate IoT demand and voice demand through LTE-Cat 1, and high-speed, low-latency IoT demand through 5G technology. The release of the Notice will provide further policy support for NB-IoT and will accelerate its pace of replacing 2G IoT terminals.

Mobile multi-platform 5g modules for multiple industries

As a mobile communication that has been focusing on the field of cellular wireless communication modules, its products cover almost all cellular communication technologies, including 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, Cat M, vehicle front modules, etc.. At present, there are more than 400 models of mass production products that have been moved away, which can truly achieve global dead-end coverage.

By the end of 2019, the cumulative shipment of mobile far communication technology has exceeded 200 million pieces. The business is carried out to cover more than 150 countries and national regions, serving as a global economy of more than 5,500 customers. Mobile far module design products can be applied in various enterprises and industries of the Internet of Things, including vehicle networking, intelligent energy, intelligent tourism city, intelligent development of industry, intelligent ecological agriculture, etc., in addition to our daily learning life of water meters, gas meters, intelligent POS and other products.

At the 5G Smart Future Online Industry Summit held on May 18, Remote Communication once again unveiled its multi-platform 5G module, which currently covers more than 30 industries. It can be applied to tob's new infrastructure, power industry, video surveillance, etc. It can also be applied to small ToC areas such as smart home, CPE, laptops, etc., as well as large areas such as automotive, all of which can facilitate the interconnection of everything in the above areas.

The 5g multi-module rg801h is the first product in the Hays platform and is based on the development of the Hays 5g module middleware, covering 5g/4g/3g multi-standard communication capabilities. It supports edge computing and storage with up to 14,400 dmips of computing power, 18 external interfaces for various application scenarios, and also meets the security needs of different scenarios with 5g + x scenario solutions. One of the features of Hess platform is the super uplink feature with base station and terminal collaboration, which can increase the speed by 20%. It will benefit virtual reality, virtual reality and video broadcasting.

RG801H also features homegrown self-control. In the future, the module will achieve a localization rate of more than 90%, which is ideal for special industries with high security requirements, such as electric power, finance, mining, and oil. For example, in the electric power industry, through the self-control 5G solution, it can meet the large bandwidth demand of electric power inspection robots, carry out intelligent distributed distribution network differential protection, and realize millisecond-level precise load control.