Although the development momentum of auto parts is rapid, it should also be noted that the problems faced are becoming increasingly prominent.ERP Migration In particular, auto parts companies generally lack independent development capabilities, have extensive corporate management models, weak cost control, insufficient independent research and development capabilities, and lack of core technologies. At the same time, policy changes, imperfect legal systems, and lack of management have all hindered the development of auto parts. Currently, the digital transformation of enterprises is surging, and it is inevitable to achieve intelligent development by improving the digital capabilities of auto parts companies.

As the management master behind the world's top 500 companies, SAP is constantly providing innovative cost solutions to help auto parts companies achieve effective cost control from aspects such as product research and development, supply chain, manufacturing, financial operations,Waste Charging Solution and cost decision analysis. In particular, its intelligent cloud ERP SAP S/4HANA Cloud makes cost control intelligent and helps auto parts customers implement their digital strategies.

S/4HANA Cloud, as the core solution of SAP digitalization, can effectively help enterprises reduce the total cost of ownership from multiple business modules such as production, sales, procurement, finance, and warehouses. On the one hand, based on the rapid deployment, efficiency and flexibility of S/4HANA Cloud, it can be launched within a few weeks, saving a lot of project and deployment costs;sap s4hana cloud it also frees up resources to carry out more value-added tasks, reducing support and training costs. On the other hand, its use of public cloud solutions can provide customers with virtualized infrastructure, reduce infrastructure and IT initial investment costs and operation and maintenance costs, and minimize the time and resources required to deal with infrastructure and platforms.

At present, the global development layout brings opportunities to parts and components companies, but also brings risks. On the one hand, we hope to promote our own continuous innovation in healthy competition. On the other hand, we also need more and more companies to pay attention to their own digital upgrades, improve their production management levels, cost control capabilities, etc., and lay a better foundation for the future. basis and play a role in "moments of crisis".

China's parts and components companies have low R&D levels, weak overall manufacturing, extensive management, and poor cost control. Not only are they unable to adapt to users' global procurement requirements for product quality, cost, delivery time, etc., Revenue and profit declines are inevitable. In this special stage of development, SAP S/4HANA Cloud can be used to improve the refined management level of parts companies, effectively control operating costs, and use cloud ERP to improve the quality and efficiency of companies, focus on core businesses, and empower auto parts companies to transform. Upgrading is imperative.