Excel and Word

In the daily office, we often need to use Excel and Word, sometimes both, the most common is to insert Excel tables in Word.

In Word, Excel is no longer "obedient",word to pdf converter free download offline so many people do not know how to adjust Excel in Word.

In this paper, for the more common in the daily office Word form of the problem put forward five solutions.

First, the table layout does not show all

In general, when we copy and paste the form directly into Word, some forms will disappear.

This development requires us to teachers can be selected Word form, and then by clicking on the upper bar of the "Layout", and then click on the layout of the "automatic control of the adjustment", and finally select "according to the different window Automatically adjust the form" can be.pdf split and merge download online This will form a complete display of the entire table.

Table content hidden and table paging

Word in the table content can not be fully displayed in the table. First, select all the tables, and then right-click on the "Table Properties", in the emergence of the Table Properties interface, select "Row".

When editing forms in Word, there will often be a first page obviously blank, but some forms will still run to the next page, Word appears empty and crowded, disorganized.


So in the operation of the previous step, you can check the "Allow cross-page line",convert word to pdf with embedded excel files and finally click OK, so you can use the form to fill in the blanks of Word.

Third, the form split or merge

If you want to split the form into two important parts, you can click on the mouse to split the location of the cell, and then press Shift + Ctrl + Enter, so we can get to the realization of the data form split. If you want to merge and develop only need to remove the information in the middle of their empty rows can be.

If you encounter a form can not be aligned to merge the situation, we can select one of the form, the right mouse button click on the form properties, in the pop-up window to the form is set to the center of the alignment, the text around the change to none. Another form of the same operation.

Fourth, the top of the form to insert a blank line

If you forget to write the title, the form can not be moved, we can select the first line, with the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + Enter to write the title.

Fivth, each page shows the title

There are so many forms that Word divided them into several pages, so that in addition to the first page of the title, all forms are displayed as "Headless" form, and no title will make the content of the theme is not so obvious.

At this time, we can choose the first page of the title line, and then in the upper menu of Word click on "Layout", and then click on the layout of the "copy the title line", so that each page to see the title and the first page of the same.

The above is a Word form of five common problems of all the work of the content, I hope that the above solution to the teaching method we can help you.