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A sponge, a bath towel, and a steel ball

The dermatologist knows that he should protect the skin, but he does not know how to protect it and how not to harm it. cellulose sponge cloth manufacturers This is a common occurrence today in dermatology.

Using a sponge instead of a towel and a ball of steel shows that you are still conscious of protecting your skin. The sponge is still soft.

Although sponges have friction and are used for dust removal, they are less harmful to the skin than steel balls, but they can also damage it. For adults with rough skin, sponges may be fine, but they can only cause enough harm to babies and young children.

In addition to the cleaning effect of the shower gel, there is more damage

In the same vein, wash your face with a facial cleanser, and use a facial cleanser that is low in acidity or has no foam; wash your hair with a shampoo that is low in acidity or does not foam; wash your hands with hand sanitizer, and use weak acid foam-free hand sanitizer; the company does not use washing powder for face, hair and hands, but does not recommend alkaline detergent.

As a result of our experience, foaming washing powder makes clothes cleaner and warmer. The more dust you remove, the less sebum you retain, and the greater the potential for skin damage. Foam cleaners, shampoos, and hand sanitizers have little protection for the face, scalp and hands.

In spite of the fact that one fifth of the 21st century has passed, some older people still use laundry detergent, soap, soap, and sulfur soap to wash their hair and faces, as well as so-called handmade soap.

There are some hand sanitizers with baby sanitizer labels that can harm your opponent, especially those that contain foam, which means more damage if your hands dry after washing.

The less foam the cleaning product has, the less harm it will do to the face, scalp, and hands.

The baby skin is delicate, the defense ability is poor, the metabolism is strong. If you don't bathe often, sweat accumulates, irritates the skin, and leads to skin infections quickly. Babies have 100-250 sweat glands per square centimeter of skin. Dirt on these sweat glands must be removed in time, so why is a konjac sponge better suited to bathing?

As a result of the rough surface of traditional towel fiber, rubbed the baby's skin red or scratched with a little force is easy. The coil of towel will accumulate grease and dandruff on healthy skin, which is hard to clean and easy to become a breeding ground for bacteria. Konjac sponge is made from natural konjac plants through fiber materials. Because it has a delicate tissue structure and feels like jelly, your baby's skin will not be scratched.

Natural Konjac sponge production process, will naturally form a three-dimensional mesh structure, the size of the holes, these holes can be like a foaming net, with just a small amount of shower gel, they can produce rich, dense foam. It is also possible to absorb and clean the excess oil and dirt on the baby's skin.

To prevent bacterial contamination, wash the konjac sponge with clear water after use and store it in a cool, ventilated area.