Wax seal sticks: how are they used?

0:51 2:23We are about to take our stamp. And I ll give it a lick. Then immediately stamp it into our wax.To gain some additional control, cut or split your stic...


A historical landmark that reminds you of old Hong Kong

Pawn ShopsPawnshops have a long history in Hong Kong. The industry s symbol - a coin with an inverted bat, symbolizing wealth and riches - is one of the city s ...

27 Sep

Home cleaning tips, really practical, cleaning does not cost money.

Sponge to remove stains on the cup. Those who clean the house usually know that the cups are the most difficult to clean, because they are deep and narrow and d...

26 Sep

A sponge, a bath towel, and a steel ball

Using a sponge instead of a towel and a ball of steel shows that you are still conscious of protecting your skin. The sponge is still soft.Although sponges have...

06 Sep

Why does the magic coconut sponge have such a good decontamination ability? Listen to the following explanation.

Why does the magic coconut sponge have such a good decontamination ability? magic erasers wholesaleListen to the following explanation.The magic coconut sponge ...

28 Aug

A few indispensable gadgets for the kitchen are real use

sponge and it will look brand new. This sponge can not only clean the kitchen dirt, but also wipe the rest of the house. It also works very well! It s much bett...

25 Aug

Is a sponge really clean?

sponge may be more suitable for cultivating bacterial communities than Petri dishes in biological laboratories, stainless steel spongebecause the structure of s...

21 Aug

Talk about the difference between wood fiber rags and bamboo fiber rags

So, below, and a everyone can develop together with the difference between wood fiber towels and bamboo fiber towels!china konjac sponge

14 Aug

There is a sense of protecting the skin, do not want to cause harm to the skin

cellulose sponge sheet do not want to cause harm to the skin, but do not know how to protect, how not to cause harm, which is the current co

18 Jul

A piece of your own dishwashing sponge 10 super practical uses for everyday life

Want to use when water gently rubbing sponge, instant lather, convenient and not waste.6. Cleaning electric fansElectric fan mesh cover is very tight, and easy ...