Creating a Citation Catalog

Creating a Citation Catalog

A citation catalog is similar to other catalog entries because you can create different citation catalogs based on different types of pdf conversion free Before creating a citation catalog, you should make sure that the document has the appropriate citations.

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The steps of how to create a citation catalog are carried out as follows:

(1) Move the cursor to the location where you want to insert the citation catalog.

(2) Click Insert | Citation | Index and Table of Contents,convert scanned pdf to word text rtf online in the pop-up Citation and Table of Contents dialog box, select the citation directory.

(3) Select the corresponding citation category in Categories, which should be the citation type already in the citation.

(4)The created citation catalog has the corresponding built-in citation catalog style, if you want to change it, you can click the [Change] button.

(5) If the citation page number is more than 5 pages, you can select the "Use Anywhere" check box,convert word to pdf without losing formatting so as to avoid the inconvenience caused by too many page numbers to the user.

(6) If the Chinese citation is too long, you can select [retain the original format] to retain their original citation data format.

(7) After selecting the label leader and format of the catalog, click the OK button.

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If your document has not been marked to create a catalog citation, you can mark the citation as follows:.

(1) Select the citation text to be marked.

(2) Open the [Citation Data Catalog] tab, click [Mark for Citation] button.

(3) Select the appropriate type in the drop-down list box for the category, which can be Case, Regulation, Agreement, Rule, etc.

(4) Click "Mark" to mark the currently selected text. If you click "Mark All", all the text in the document with the same selected text will be marked.

(5) If you want to mark other citations, do not close the Mark Citations dialog box, directly in the document to mark the selected citations.

(6) Return to the Mark Citations dialog box, the selected citation will appear under the selected text, and then click Mark.

(7) If you want to modify their own a business presence in the category, then click the [Category] button.

(8) Select the category to be modified, enter the text to be replaced in the Replace Text box below, and then click the Replace button.

(9)Click [OK] to return to the [Mark Quote] dialog box. At this time, the Cancel button on the dialog box changes to the Close button. Click it to return to the Index and Table of Contents tab where the quote operation is marked.