New Energy Power Vehicles

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the power battery pack has become an indispensable core component in new energy vehicles. Among them, the welding technology of power battery is one of the keys to ensure the quality and performance of power battery.battery pilot machine However, the traditional resistance welding technology has defects such as unstable welding joints and difficult to control the welding temperature, so the laser welding machine has gradually become a popular welding equipment choice for power battery pack welding.

New Energy Power Vehicles

From the manufacture of power lithium battery cells to battery PACK into groups, welding technology is through a very important manufacturing production process, lithium battery conductivity, strength, airtightness, metal fatigue and corrosion resistance, is typical of the battery to carry out welding work quality management evaluation of corporate standards. Welding research methods and welding construction process selection, will have a direct impact on the cost of the battery, quality, safety issues as well as improve the consistency of the battery.battery laser welding machine Shenzhen Shangtuo laser system can be developed to provide learning power battery laser welding equipment customized travel services, can at the same time according to the welding design requirements of different customers to customize their own products standard battery laser welding equipment (gantry laser welding machine), semi-automatic battery laser welding production line and automatic battery PACK laser welding production line and so on.

Battery module laser welding sample display

In the field of power battery welding, laser welding machine has been widely used. Laser welding can realize high-precision control of the welding point and ensure the welding quality and effect. Compared with traditional welding methods, laser welding of power battery packs is more suitable. Laser welding technology is a modern welding method that uses the high energy density and high directionality of the laser beam to locally heat and melt the welding area. Compared with the traditional resistance welding, power battery laser welding machine has the following advantages:.

1. High precision: Laser welding can realize high-precision welding control to ensure the precision and quality of welded joints.

2. High speed: laser welding speed, high welding efficiency, improve productivity.

3. Environmental protection building energy saving: laser welding technology does not need through the use of welding flux, welding work process we have no open flame and smoke, environmental protection and energy saving.

4. High safety: laser welding without open flame, high temperature, high pressure, high safety.

5. Application in automation: Laser welding can realize automated production,battery packing machine improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

Enclosed gantry laser welding equipment

Therefore, the power battery laser welding machine has a broad application prospect. With the continuous development of new energy vehicles and the increase in market demand, the laser welding technology of power battery packs will be more widely used and promoted. Shangtuo laser lithium battery laser welding machine is a series of continuous fiber laser welding machine developed to adapt to the new energy industry, which is suitable for copper and aluminum connecting lugs, lugs, poles, poles, explosion-proof lugs, busbar connecting lugs, battery shells, polymer to nickel power lithium battery pack welding.

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