Hong Kong Business Visa

Hong Kong has a good business environment, high salary and low tax rate. Working in Hong Kong is the dream of many mainland friends. If you want to work in Hong Kong, you need to have a legal visa first. Commonly, there are Hong Kong business visa and Hong Kong work visa. Many friends confuse the concept of the two. As people's standard of living is getting higher and higher, individual travel to Hong Kong is gradually entering the life of the working class, and the resulting business opportunities have also prompted major companies and enterprises around the world to set up offices or other business organizations in Hong Kong, which inevitably requires frequent travel to and from Hong Kong and Macao.working visa hong kong What is the difference between a business visa and a work visa for Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Business Visa

Let's start with the business visa.

A business visa is mainly a visa for the destination country or region to engage in activities such as investment, trade, conferences, exhibitions and labor for official or personal reasons. An important difference from a two-way permit is the length of the visa. Endorsements are categorized into three types: once every 3 months, multiple times every 3 months, and multiple times every 1 year. During the validity period, each stay at the destination does not exceed 7 days.

Hong Kong and Macau Business Endorsement is mainly for mainland customers;

Hong Kong Development Tourist Visa is mainly technical service for foreign professionals who have visa-free Hong Kong passport;

Hong Kong Tourist-Transit Visa for foreigners who do not have a visa-free Hong Kong passport.

For frequent travelers to and from Hong Kong and Macau, please apply for a Hong Kong-Macau Business Visa.

Sample Hong Kong Business Visa

Mainland customers, whether it is a company's business needs, or personal men and women in Hong Kong and Macau, who have the need to frequently travel to and from Hong Kong and Macau, will be recommended and apply for a business endorsement to Hong Kong and Macau. The conditions are simple, one year/two years, 14 days per stay, no interview, no income generating activities in Hong Kong, no work. Required Information: Passport and 42 inches photo with white background. Processing time: 7-10 days (excluding waiting time before departure).

Foreign passports are visa-free in Hong Kong, but the visa-free period is too short to stay in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Travel Permit is more suitable for you. Holders of visa-free Hong Kong passports, but with a visa-free period not exceeding 30 days, can extend their stay in Hong Kong up to two months by applying for a Hong Kong Tourist Pass.

In other words, the Business and Economy Visa is the equivalent of a travel visa for Hong Kong and Macau. While the travel visa is limited in number of trips, the business visa is very powerful and allows unlimited round trips between Hong Kong and Macau every day.

Tour guides, professional agents, mainland residents working in Hong Kong and Macau, and those who are sent by their organizations to Hong Kong to engage in business activities are all very suitable for business visas.

Hong Kong work visa

For mainlanders who wish to work in Hong Kong and stay legally on a work visa, they can apply for the Admission of Mainland Talents and Professionals Scheme to obtain an entry work permit:

Admission of Mainland Talents and Professionals Scheme

This scheme aims to attract mainland talents and professionals to enhance Hong Kong's competitiveness in the international market.

If you have extensive work experience and excellent industry skills, and have proven to be one of Hong Kong's hard-to-find elites, you are ideally suited to apply for professionals to come and work in Hong Kong.

It is worthwhile for us to note that not everyone can apply for the Specialist Program, for this type of documents are generally required to improve their own development conditions can be achieved Bachelor's degree or above, followed by the lack of Hong Kong's problems or can not be achieved instantly to provide professional theoretical knowledge and skills and be able to provide service-related documents, and the final result is to go to Hong Kong before the Hong Kong company to employ you, and this company should meet the requirements for the external recruitment to Hong Kong, and this company should be able to meet the requirements for the external recruitment to Hong Kong. The final result is that you must be employed by a Hong Kong company before coming to Hong Kong, and that company must be qualified to grant business work visas to outsiders.

Once you and your employer meet the requirements, you can send your application to your employer in Hong Kong who will assist you in the visa process.

A Hong Kong work visa is particularly suitable for those from the Mainland who aspire to Hong Kong status, and is one of the ways in which you can legally claim Hong Kong resident status. After obtaining a work visa through the Specialized Talent Scheme, it is usually renewed on a "2+3+2" basis. After 7 years of ordinary residence in Hong Kong, you can apply for Hong Kong permanent resident status and become a legal "Hong Kong citizen".

What is the difference between Business Visa and Work Visa?