I don't know if car owners have ever encountered such a situation: the original good car suddenly can't drive, can't get up. Bian Xiao tells you not to panic when you encounter this situation. If this happens, just check the battery. Generally speaking, the car's range time is up to about 3 years.lithium battery cell machine Unless it's a new car that will last more than 3 years. Older cars don't need an explanation, so regular testing and maintenance is very important. However, many car owners encounter some minor problems during normal driving that accelerate the aging of the car battery.

Bad Habit: Before turning off the air conditioner, some people know that they should turn off the air conditioner in time before turning off the engine. Of course, there are many careless owners who do not notice this problem, they are used to not turning off the air conditioning, how convenient.car battery manufacturers While it's convenient for the owner, it can lead to overloading the vehicle's power. Slowly, the battery cannot take the natural beating. Suggestion: Remember the good habit of air conditioning before you turn off the engine and don't hurt your car for the sake of convenience.

Bad Habit 2:When it comes to car accessories, such as car recorders, many car owners can't think of turning off these appliances. Especially newbies. This phenomenon is more common. Forget to turn off the power. If you do this often, the car may not start, or it may not start the next day.battery coating It's best to turn off the power before parking, both to ensure that the car has enough power and to protect the car.

Bad Habit 3: Continuous starting control of the vehicle, which is a very bad habit of one of our businesses because it works on the basic principle. At this point, the electricity continuous starting will cause impact on the battery management over-discharge and damage. Do not start the engine for more than 3 seconds at a time. If there is no first system start failure, do not rush to start again. Pass starting the automobile again every 5 seconds.

Automobile batteries have their own life limit. If the user acts as a catalyst, it is easy to damage the battery. Therefore, the small series suggests car owners to develop good driving habits and give up bad habits during normal driving. Don't ignore the details

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When aluminum served as the anode in a particular electrolyte and oxygen was released at its surface, an oxide layer was created [14]. The newly created oxide is extremely thin, nonporous, and is situated at the metal-oil interface as the reaction process continues to cause the oxide to "grow" into the metal.